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Phil is a 21 year old varsity swimmer that loves to snow board and jerk off.  He starts his first, and only, video at Dixter talking about himself and his swim buddies at school as he works out.  Phil’s tan skin and muscular shoulders and chest become visible as he takes off his shirt.  His smooth white ass is a tasty sight as well.  You wouldn’t know that Phil is a natural redhead looking at him dressed.  One look at his bright red pubes leaves no doubt as to this guys natural color.  That thick uncut cock hanging from that bed of red hair is definitely a sight.  The guys he showers with at school are so lucky.



Phil's uncut dick and red pubic hair

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Alex Preston is one cute guy with his burnt orange hair, blue eyes, and innocent smile.  Alex is one of the featured red haired guys getting off at Male Redheads.  His bright hair really stands out against the dark shirt and underwear.  The view of his body only gets better as he lifts his shirt and the dark red hair on his stomach leads us down a very happy trail.  As his black briefs come off the view only gets better as his bright pubes prove beyond a doubt that the carpet matches the drapes.  As if his smooth body and gorgeous hair aren’t enough; nestled in those pubes is an uncut cock that looks really big on Alex’s small frame.  It hangs all the way to the bed as he lies on his side.  Alex continues to stroke his hard dick and play with his balls until he blows his load of white cum that runs down his cock to his balls and red pubes.




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Red haired New Yorker Zach jerks off for the first time on film as he “auditions” for a spot at Dirty Boy Video.  He has such a cute face with those come fuck me eyes and most importantly a head of long dark red hair.  As he takes off his black brief underwear we get a view of his nice round hairy ass.

Zach's sweet hairy ass

The underwear are off and Zach’s dick is already getting hard.  His hard cut cock is average size with a big mushroom head, his balls look shaved but we are treated with a big patch of bright red pubes.


Zach gets comfortable as he continues to stroke his hard dick and tug on his balls before shooting a big load of cum onto his chest.  His cum load is so much that he has to take a shower afterwards. 

Zack jerks off

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Bruce is a pale skinned 27 year old straight guy from Atlanta with fiery red hair that loves to get naked in front of people and be told what to do.  He does get naked and jerks off in this, his first ever gay porn performance, at Southern Strokes – Amateur Southern Men.

Southern Strokes Redhead Bruce

Bruce strips down to a two-tone blue jock and shows off his broad muscular back and smooth round ass.


He rolls over on the bed and starts to play with his semi-hard dick.  The view of the red hair covering his chest and the base of his dick leaves no doubt what so ever that red is this boys natural colour.


Bruce grabs an 8 inch dick shaped dildo and fucks himself with it as he continues stroking his hard 7.5 inch cock.  He must enjoy the anal stimulation because he shoots a stream of cum up onto his neck and chest.  The milky white cum on that red hair covered chest… hmmm


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The sex between Noah and Orlando at College Dudes 247 is just as sweaty as their game of racquetball.  After a quick shower these two college jocks return to Noah’s room for some all out man on man sex.  It starts slow with some kissing to get Noah in the mood then progresses to much, much more.

Red haired college jock Noah

Orlando sucks Noah’s large curved dick.  It’s too bad that Noah shaves his pubes.  The little patch of bright red pubes at the base of that large cock looks wonderful.


Noah returns the favor and goes down on Orlando.  He even remembers to mind the step children as he bobs his red haired head up and down on Orlando’s hard 8 inch cock.


Orlando rims Noah’s sweet ass in preparation for a hardcore fucking that leaves Noah moaning and panting with pleasure. The view of Noah’s smooth stomach and freckled chest is amazing.  I love the way he continues to stroke his hard dick while Orlando long strokes his ass.


Noah is one hot redhead for sure.  He has many videos and picture sets at College Dudes 247 including more cock sucking, ass fucking, showering with other naked college jocks, and an all male 3 way jerk off.  This boy is so damn yummy.


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19 year old bisexual redhead Austin isn’t from Austin or San Diego, he’s from Colorado.  While visiting a friend San Diego he thought why not get paid to jerk off and ended up at Buzz West – San Diego Amateurs for this photo session.


At 6’3” Austin is a tall guy.  He strips off his clothes to show off his skinny body.  He has a smooth hairless chest and freckled skin that covers his shoulders. 


It looks like he shaves his stomach but there is no doubt about that bright orange bush above his nice big cut cock and low hanging balls.


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