It’s hot in Texas.  Amateur redhead stud Elliot makes it all that much hotter.  Elliot never stops smiling in his first adult performance for Chaos Men.   It is refreshing to see guys enjoying themselves in front of the camera.  Elliot’s short brownish-red hair sets off his gray eyes and that red scruff on his face is so damn hot.  Elliot talks a little about himself then takes off his shirt.  His smooth muscular chest with developing pecs and nipples with just a little bit of red fuzz around the edges.  He has a nice flat stomach containing a crimson treasure trail leading to a big dick surrounded by naturally red pubes.


Elliot’s dick gets bigger and harder as he continues to take off his jeans and boxers.  His fully hard cock stand out with a slight upward curve perfect for hitting that pleasure spot or sliding down a throat while 69ing.


After the interview Elliot moves to a comfortable red leather chair and shows off his incredible body and dick stroking skills.  At one point he even tempts us by showing his perfectly formed ass that has just a thin line of red hair runing along the crack and leading to his other pleasure center.  The way he looks back as if to say “come and get it”  is so mouth watering.


There are only two ways to see more of this red hot redhead naked.  Go to Austin, Texas and hope you run into him on the street or click here to visit Chaos Men and watch the HD video.

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  • Redbuttboy:

    This is one sweet ginger hole that needs some serious rimming! Open up those pink arse lips with some four finger stretching and then slip into some long slow ramming with some hard cut cock…

  • Redbuttboy:

    This is a cock that I could suck for hours. Then there’s that ginger hairy hole that needs some serious rimming to open those pink arse lips. Grease up that anus with four finger stretching and begin rammming into that hungry shaft with some hard cut cock….

  • jace wing:

    eliot is fucking super hot id fuck him up the ass

  • Anonymous:

    if it gets any hotter i will burn

  • Seraphic Sons of the British Isles:

    Elliott’s one of my favorite Chaosmen models.

    If you’re into pale/redhead/blond/british/all-american guys, check out my blog.

  • stud finder:

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