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Lance Storm takes off his hat to let his long red hair down then drops his pants to let his big cock out at Male Redheads.  Even with his hat on you can see that that Lance has a beautiful head of orange-red hair and a fair freckled complexion.  Lance has a lean, pale body with no hair and pierced nipples that he likes to play with as he begins stroking his big fat veiny cock. I like that he keeps his pubes natural. They definitely are not shaved allowing a good view of the bright orange color against his fair skin.  The pictures gallery don’t include a cum shot but lots of views of this red haired hotties ass, smooth body, and close ups of that big dick with red pubes make up for it.

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Tim is a bright redhead. At 18 years old and just starting college he needed money for books and tuition. When the producer for Spunk Worthy offered him money to show off his track star body and dick he said yes with little hesitation. Tim is 6’2” tall and has bright red hair that certainly makes him easy to spot in a crowd. He also has a very cute face with wonderful blue eyes. Tim has a hair free face and chest but a big unshaved or trimmed burning bush that is very exciting to see has he lowers his pants a bit. With this being Tim’s first time and he was worried about his girlfriend finding out he was showing every his cock for money he had a little trouble getting hard. Once a porn started in the corner of the room Tim found his zone, got hard, and shot a load of thick white cum that goes all the way up to his nice pink nipples. Yummy!

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