Redhead college jock Mica Jones (aka Micah Jones) gets down with Cory Palmer at College Dudes 247 and the effect is one hot sweaty and sticky video. I love the passion that these two amateur men show for each other. Cory really seems into Mica and who wouldn’t be? Mica has a lean ripped body, a nice dick, and wonderful ruby red hair. Cory can’t wait to get at Mica and licks his arms and chest as they are undressing each other. His mouth moves down and takes Mica’s already rock hard cock deep into his mouth. Mica enjoys his oral pleasures then decides it is time for more. He flips Cory over, lifts his legs into the air, spits on his pink hole, and slides his big rod into Cory’s tight little ass. Watching Cory dominated by Mica is so damn hot. Mica slams Cory’s ass and works up a sweat as Cory squirms and bucks with every thrust of Mica’s cock. Mica shoots his load across Cory’s 6 pack stomach creating a sweaty sticky mess all over Cory’s tight jock body.

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