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College baseball jock Scott was at batting practice when he was struck in the lower back by a wild fastball. The pain was severe so he went to the university clinic to see Dr. Phingerphuck. The doctor tells Scott to strip off his baseball uniform down to his jock and lay on the table for an examination. Scott does as he is instructed and has a seat on the exam table wearing nothing but a white jock and his socks. After a brief evaluation Dr. Phingerphuck tells Scott to roll onto his stomach for some electroshock and massage therapy. Two electrical pads are attached to Scott’s lower back then the doctor starts massaging the jocks muscular back and shoulders. Scott says that the massage is helping him to relax and the pain is getting better. The massage then turns to Scott’s tight bubble butt ass, muscular legs, and feet. When the doctor massages his legs and feet we get a good look at the red hair covering Scott’s legs. Scott is getting a little excited by the foot massage and starts to get hard. The doctor things that a buildup of tension is the last thing that this college athlete needs and lends a helping hand to release the pressure building up in this red haired jock’s hard cock.

Redhead baseball player gets a cock massage in the university clinic

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Straight southern boy Kevin Martin meats up with red haired gay guy Steven Ponce to do a porn video then makes a hard decision when the girls don’t show. As is always the case at Bait Buddies, the girls never show but we still get to see these young men perform.

Kevin has a trim torso with a little tuft of hair in the middle of his chest and a light trail of hair leading from his belly to the good stuff. Kevin has a nice cock that stands out about 45 degrees from his body when hard and a set of low hanging balls. Such a perfect combination for sucking and licking. Sucking that straight boy’s cock is exactly what our red haired gay does too. After both guys strip naked, our gay bait buddy Steven Ponce goes down on Kevin’s rock hard cock. From the look on Kevin’s face, I’d say he really liked it even if it is another guy. The director asks Kevin to suck on Steve’s dick a bit and he doesn’t really want to until he is offered more money. Where are all these horny straight boys when I have a pocket full of cash? Anyways, Kevin goes down on Steven and takes his dick into his cock virgin mouth right up to Steve’s bright red bush. The video wouldn’t be complete without some fucking and it’s Steven who is bent over the arm of the casting couch and rammed hard by Kevin. As Kevin moves back and forth holding Steve’s leg in the air we get an awesome look at his ripped abs and shoulders.

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Straight Boys Meat Gay Bait

Fox is an inked red haired bi-boy that makes a splash at 18 Up Studs. Fox was a model during the early days of 18 Up and received a good amount of fan mail from members that love his flaming red hair and pubes. Of course his cute face and nice hard dick does not hurt his sex appeal either. In his latest show, Fox strips off his tee shirt and jeans to play with his dick through his boxer briefs. Once his dick is good and hard he takes it out and jerks out a load that splashes all over his smooth stomach. Lets all hope we get to see more of Fox soon.

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