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straight college guys getting off

Kelly is the latest pledge to be used and abused for the Straight Fraternity pledge master. Kelly keeps his hair cut very short but looking at his 2 day facial stubble and pubic hair there is no doubt that this eager college boy is genuine ginger. Kelly strips out of his tee shirt and shorts down to his underwear. He has a nice smooth chest with pale skin. He takes his dick out through the fly in his boxers and starts to play with it until it is good and hard then lowers his shorts to give us a good look at his hard curved cock and trimmed red pubes. Kelly strokes his own cock for a while and is then joined by the horny pledge master that can’t keep his hands (or mouth) off these straight college boys. He applies a ton of lube to Kelly’s hard cock and strokes away at the shaft while playing with his pink ball sack. With so much lube and expert handling it isn’t long before Kelly is shooting his load. I love the big smile and thumbs up Kelly flashes as his hard wet cum and lube covered cock still throbs.

Ginger lad Jake jerks his fat uncut dick and lets loose a flow of creamy cum at Dick Show. What else is there to say?

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I’ve been searching all over for more naked redheads but have not had much luck lately. A few days ago while looking around the older archives of Squirtz I discovered a gem of a man, Ariel, on Nov 6, 2006. His picture jumped out at me immediately as he had a beautiful head of bright red hair. There were other things that jumped out me when I opened his page and watched Ariel’s jack off video. Ariel is a French Canadian. That means that he speaks French as his primary but his English was good and the accent makes him all that much more. When Ariel takes off his shirt we see a thin body with lots of orange freckles on his shoulders and upper arms and a small tuft of orange hair in the middle of his chest between two small nipples. Moving down his chest to Ariel’s lean stomach is a nice trip. He has a line of red hair running from an area just below the xiphoid along the linea alba down to his pierced belly button. That line of hair really sets off the look of his ripped abs. When Ariel’s pants came off I was both excited and slightly disappointed. Excited because Ariel has a big uncut French Canadian cock and disappointed because he trims his pubes so short that you can barely see them.  His dick gets to be quite nice as he plays with his foreskin and it grows to it’s full 9 inches. Wow! A cute redhead with a 9 inch cock; Ariel is like a gift from the gods. He shows off his big dick and smooth ass for a bit before settling in on the sofa to jerk his monster cock. As he gets closer to cumming Ariel’s breathing gets hard and his face flushed. Unlike a lot of guys with really big dicks, Ariel shoots a very nice load. The cum flies from his oversized cock through the air and splatters a trail that follows the hair down from his chest to his stomach where a big pool of jizz forms. To finish his impressive sex show, Ariel runs his finger through his cum and takes a taste that puts a big smile on his face.

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