Redheaded hipster gets cock sucked by dark haired buddy

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Red haired hipster Jacob is back at Boy Gusher! This time he showed up at the studio with his friend Justin. The guys relax and talk a bit about themselves then jump right into the action. Justin takes off Jacob’s shirt and starts kissing his way down the redheads tattooed chest and stomach. He pauses only for a second to undo Jacob’s pants and pulls his pants and underwear down to Jacob’s knees. Jacob is already semi hard with his cock pointed up and laying atop a bed of pale orange pubes. Justin grabs his friend’s cock and gives it a couple of tugs before lowing his mouth over the rigid meat and taking it deep into his mouth. There is a big smile on Jacob’s face as Justin deep throats and licks his hard dick. Justin moves around a few times to get a better vantage point and switch hands as he works his buddies cock. Jacob starts to moan and tightens up his ripped abs as he gets close. Justin can sense the impending cum explosion and moves his face up onto Jacob’s abdomen as he grips the cock harder to pump out the ginger boys jizz. Jacob blows his load leaving spatters of cum on his stomach and a small puddle of jizz in his pubic hair. From the interaction afterwords, it seems as though Just had an even better time sucking Jacob than Jacob did getting sucked. I probably would have too!

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