Danny Harper’s full HD video is online now

Randy Blue has the most amazing men and timing. As always, I was looking for some new red haired men to “entertain me” when right there on the front page is this ginger muscle stud, Danny Harper. Is this guy hot or what? He has a masculine face with deep dark eyes and a 5 o’clock scruff of dark red hair and a hell of a body. It’s appropriate that Danny does his jack off video in a weight room and lifts some dumbbells to get pumped up before pumping his hard cock. From the looks of his ripped body; Danny is no stranger to the gym or hard work. Danny’s muscular chest and 6 pack abs are covered with a light coating of hair that is perfect. The hair makes him look butch but doesn’t obscure the view of his underlying muscle definition or eye popping nipples like Blu Kennedy sports in his older videos. I was already excited watching Danny lifting weights in his tight blue shorts but when he starts rubbing himself and takes off his shorts to display his tight ass from the back end of a sexy black jock strap… hmmm my juices were flowing! Danny plays with his butt briefly then lowers the jock to give us a great view of his hard cock with a nice bush of trimmed red pubes.   While the hair on his head and body are dark, his crotch hair is pale orange leaving absolutely no doubt that he is a natural redhead. After ogling his orange pubes, my eyes moved to Danny’s dick which in its hard state fits his hard body perfectly. It’s no big secret that I tend to gravitate towards the tattooed twink types but wow; from his carrot top down to his furry legs and big feet, Danny Harper is so damn hot! Danny is an awesome addition to the stable of 14 other red haired men that get off at Randy Blue.

Danny Harper pumps some weights then gets naked and pumps his uncut cock

4 Responses to “Ginger Muscle Stud – Danny Harper”

  • Pierre:

    Dear Danny.

    I want to compliment you on your foto’s. They are thery sexy. I realy wish you was here close by to chat and to get to know you.

    You are welcom to chat to me by my e-mail address.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  • bcooper:

    he’s so hot…with nipples that could cut glass and fiery pubes


    andrew is another ginger hottie love to suck his cock all the way down to the red roots yummy

  • angelo:

    The guy was feature a few years ago in Sean Cody as Graham…he didnt have the tan then 😉

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