red haired southern guy jerking off

watch Neil jack off at Southern Strokes

Neil is the fourth redhead amateur to appear at Southern Strokes. The owners discovered him at a Louisiana diner while driving from Atlanta to Texas for a special “Boys of Texas” shoot. Neil was very friendly and cute so the SS guys asked him if he wanted to appear in a scene for the site. Without any hesitation Neil said yes and got directions to the house. He was the first to show up and was excited to get started. Neil has a very friendly face with bright red hair, a red beard, and a Cajun Louisiana accent that instantly brings a smile to northern guys like me. As he undressed there isn’t much to him. At 6 feet tall, he has an smooth chest and stomach, and freckled arms with distinctive red hair. Personally, I love amateur redheads like Neil. He is totally guy next door from his looks to personality meaning that guys like me might actually have a chance with someone like him. His dick is average size of about 6 inches and lucky for us, he keeps his bright pubes. Once Neil is naked he gets right to business stroking his cock. He takes a bit to relax in front of the camera and get hard but once he does… Neil pinches his little pink nipples and rubs the area between his balls and ass as he strokes his dick using a few techniques. He lets out a long sigh and gets flushed as he spurts a stream of jizz that splatters nicely across his stomach and leaves a white pool at the base of his dick.

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