Red haired stud James Jamesson has been busy with Next Door Studios. He appears in two updates and looks different in each but there is no mistaking this hot redhead from the tattoos on his red haired chest or his thick cock. My favorite update is at Rod Daily:
James Jamesson and Rod Daily have sex in a bathroom

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James has always looked good to me but this is (so far) my absolute favorite. You can see his mane of red has been shaved into a mohawk, his red beard is grown out but neatly trimmed nicely matching his chest hair. You know I love the pubes as much as any red or orange hair on a mans body and in this scene James has left them trimmed but intact. I may be imagining things but, it looks like James has been working out. His shoulders and back look bigger and his abdomen more defined with a near 6 pack going. (If you read this James; keep up the great work. You look amazing!)

The action takes place with my Vin Diesel fantasy stand in Rod Daily. Rod was recently given his own site and James is in the first batch of videos offered up. James and Rod meet up for some glory hole action in a public restroom. James is sitting in a stall jerking it to a magazine when Rod comes in to piss and notices the hole in the wall. The action gets intense from there and fast with both jerking each other through the hole then Rod sucks James’ thick cock and gets fucked through the hole while wearing a jock strap. The guys ditch the hole sex for some more personal action the includes Rod riding on Jame’s dick while sitting on a toilet.

Scene two with James involves him with three other guys in a big gay four way at Next Door Buddies

Paul Wagner, Samuel O'Toole, James Jameson & Tyler Ford big gay 4 way

Paul Wagner, Samuel O’Toole, James Jameson & Tyler Ford star together in Pitchers & Catchers. Yes, it is a baseball thing although with all the fucking that goes on it could be taken other ways too. The guys are outside getting hot and sweaty playing catch. They come inside to shower before they head out for the night. Once the clothes start coming off the shower part has to wait while the guys suck each others dicks and fuck. There are some pretty good parts with a daisy chain suck and a spit roast, all with James in the middle of it. All four guys are great looking and the action intense.

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