Red haired college guy gets jerked off by doctor

Nickie is a skinny red haired twink in his first year of college. He goes in for a physical and is told that a sperm sample is needed. With a big boyish smile he asks how they intend to get it. Easy, the doctor will stimulate his prostate with a medical device while manual stimulation is applied to his erect penis. Well all right then, lets get to it. Nickie relaxes on the exam table with his spread for easy access to his cock, balls, and ass. The doctor inserts a big black vibrator as well as a specialty stimulator into Nickie’s tight butt and begins to stroke the ginger lad’s soft cock while wearing thick rubber gloves. Within no time Nickie is hard and ready to give the doctor what is needed, a big spurt of cum. Nickie’s upper chest turns dark red as he gets closer and his abdominal muscles tighten just as his jizz shoots from the end of his hard college boy cock. The thick sticky goo is scooped up quickly by the doctor as little Nickie catches his breath.

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