Strawberry blond navy boy jerks off

Evan has been on active duty before and I’ve always thought that he is very cute. Actually he is beyond cute; he’s absolutely gorgeous. Evan is back with a streaming video of his first jack off scene in the War Chest this week and I noticed that he isn’t a blond like his profile says. He is a strawberry blond that leans more to red. His hair goes great with his deep blue eyes and bright red lips. His body is near completely smooth including his pubes but looking at his armpits, it’s clear that he is a ginger. The past few months this blog has caught the attention of a few porn stars and site owners that have written to say thanks for the posts so… If Dink or Evan read this please note that Evan is too damn cute and red to be shaving his pubes. We (me) want to see his red bush in his next video. Shaved pubes or not, this straight navy boy has a nice thick cock that looks about 7.5 inches as he wraps his hand around to stroke it. For a first time straight guy Evan doesn’t mind showing us a few close ups of his ass either. Like the rest of him, it is mostly smooth with just a bit of hair along the crack and around his (then) virgin hole. Since doing this jack off scene Evan has done a few suck and fuck scenes at Active Duty and some DVDs as well. His scene in Firewatch 2 is especially hot!

Evan streams this week at Active Duty

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