Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to an exciting year filled with more sexy naked red haired men.

Thank you to all the frequent visitors and subscribers to Naked Redhead Men. I started this site because I have a big time thing for red haired guys and was spending too long searching them out through google and yahoo. If you are a regular to the site or even a first time visitor, your opinions and porn needs are important to me. In that aspect, I need your help to make this site better.

Because the ginger haired lads are infrequent, a few months ago I started updating every 10 days +/- thinking that regular updates and variety were more important than timeliness. However, recently there have been a number of red haired men doing more scenes for gay porn sites and I have a few updates with these men waiting in the queue. For example: Neil has 3 recent scenes at Southern Strokes, James Jamesson has many scenes at Next Door Studios,  and Jonah has multiple at Chaos Men.

Question: Would you rather have variety and regularity (every 10 days and infrequent model repeats) or faster access to redhead porn updates as the become available?

Leave a comment and let me know. Every comment is reviewed by me before being posted and a valid e-mail is not required. (make something up in the form with an @ symbol)

17 Responses to “Visitors – I Need Your Opinion”

  • Rodney:

    BTW – not only is red hair the product of a mutated or damaged gene, but redheads are supposed to be deeply sexual and more animalistic in there passions. Your boys look like the have a staff of twenty doing makeup, hair, body sculpting, etc.
    I know they are just hiding their freak flags. Let them be real, and rough, ad individual, PLEEEASE!!!

  • Rodney:

    Less gloss, and shine. More realness. I don’t know about you but scruffy, uncoiffed, ungirly, un gymbunny, redheads are the hottes. alot of your guys are just to posed, plucked, powdered and poised for me. The probably even smell like baby powder.
    Sorry –
    Not into it.

  • redlova:

    more updates, the hairier the better. Love a hairy chested red head.

  • Jack:

    REDHEADS ALWAYS. Especially like Mario. YUM YUM

  • Terry:

    I just discovered this site and am anxious to visit more often. I love the men and want to see as man as possible. I love the variety and regularity. I will join today.

  • i:

    Def regular updates

  • DB:

    I love this blog and look forward to your updates – regardless of the content as long as they’re redhead! Keep up the great work! I’d be lost without this blog!

  • Kevin:

    I like regularity as then I know when to come back with the hope of something new. Thanks for this blog by the way – I just sit here and drool! 😉

  • Anonymous:

    Yes, more frequent please – btw, I have subscribed to 2 of these sites thanks to you

    • admin:

      When you go to a site and join I get a portion of the sale. That money is used to pay for my hosting, domain registration, software, and for me to buy memberships to other sites with redheads that I share here.

  • Jay:

    Enjoy your regular updates; however, I do truly love the ginger guys and would never delay anyone new being posted. thanks.

  • jonjim1952:

    variety and regularity.

  • Badger:

    Best site on the entire web – period. The redder the hair and pubes the more horny the guy is. Variety is slice as far as I’m concerned, so I vote for more frequent updates too! Keep the gingers coming!! You’re doing a fantastic job!!

  • d:

    I would love to see more regular updating. 🙂

  • david:

    i fully agree with you. i too love red haired men and start squirting as soon as i see their naked bodies. so please keep up gthe good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cort:

    Variety & regularity please; thanks for doing this as I too have had a hard time finding red haired male porn. May 2011 be very, very good to you!

  • Peter:

    Just keep them coming!!!

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