Redhead British kickboxer jerks his 7 inch uncut cock

I was in awe at all the gingers walking the streets and hanging out skating in the strip mall parking lot the last time I was visiting a small town outside London a few summers ago. The skinny shirtless skaters were cute and fun to watch but someone like Mario would be worth going home with! He is six feet three inches of red hotness on feet. I knew that his jerk off video at Hard Brit Lads was going to be good as soon as Mario takes off his shirt and starts rubbing his massive chest and ripped abs. His body is mostly smooth with a thin crimson trail of barely noticeable hair running from his navel down into his shorts. Mario doesn’t talk much but has a sexy look and a seriousness about him as he rubs some oil across his torso before moving his hand down to his shorts to pump up his cock. Mario takes his thick hard dick out the side of his shorts to give us a look then lowers them to the floor and gets back to work stroking his uncut 7 inch cock. The camera moves in nice and close to give us a look at his trimmed red bush and long cock. Mario slides the foreskin back and forth slowly over the head until precum starts to ooze from the tip. His hand moves faster and his breathing gets faster as he gets ready to cum. Mario lets his man juice fall right to floor and you can hear it splatter. I would have liked to see the jizz across his belly or across my face. Oh well, maybe next time.

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