two redheads have sex in this gay three way

There is a very good reason why Randy Blue is listed in the “Best 4 Red” section the right. They have more than 14 scenes featuring redhead amateurs and jocks like Danny Harper (who we’ve seen here before) and Max London. Today I was very delighted to see a three way scene with both redheads Max and Danny teamed up with an eager to please brunet Lucky Daniels. I actually smiled looking at the description and seen that his name was Lucky because I was thinking how lucky he was to be sandwiched between two hunky reds. You can tell that Lucky is going to be the one getting tag teamed in this scene right from the start. While Max and Danny are kissing each other Lucky goes down to get their dicks out and starts sucking. Danny is already rubbing his hard cock along Lucky’s crack before the guys are even undressed.

The action moves from the pool, where the pictures were taken, indoors to a more comfortable room and what looks to be a pull out bed to do the HD video. I’ve never thought that pull out beds are comfortable before but I’d be willing to spend time on one if it was with Danny and Max. Lucky stays the center of attention as he sucks Max’s cock while getting fucked by Danny. The sucking and fucking turns to a rimming by Max. You can just imagine how awesome Max’s long tongue feels against Lucky’s sensitive hole and those red bristles of beard rubbing against his own hairy cheeks.  Max flips Lucky onto his back to take his turn at the dark haired jock’s ass. Max holds Lucky’s legs in the air while he pounds away. Lucky jacks himself while Danny kneels alongside his head beating his meat. You can totally guess who takes the cum bath in the end. Man, Lucky is so damn lucky!

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