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April 30: Josh is a tall & thin red haired straight boy with a sexy southern accent and exhibitionist tendencies. The producers of Broke Straight Boys discovered him washing windows and offered him $50 to show them his cock. Josh has dark hair but a fiery red beard so I was anxious to see his pubes when he drops his shorts. JACKPOT! Josh is a real redhead with the pubes to prove it. He’s gone this far, showing his dick on the balcony so going inside for more money is just another step towards lining his pocket with cash. Josh goes inside and gets naked as he runs the hot water for a quick shower. We get to watch Josh shower and dry off before he steps into the bedroom for his first on camera jack off scene. In a weird twist, Josh gets so into the jerking that he inserts a few fingers up his ass while rubbing his hard cock to an explosive ending that leaves his hairless chest and ripped abs covered in cum. Gotta love those straight guys that know what they like and aren’t afraid to do it on camera.

May 26: Josh did so well with his jack off video that he was invited back with another guy that did a jerk off scene recently, Jeremy and a new Broke Straight Boy regular, Darren. In the picture below, Darren in the sun burned guy in the middle and obviously Josh is on the right. Justin and Josh both agreed to do a side-by-side jack off with another guy for $150. All three guys get naked and take positions on the BSB futon to start jacking. They all get good and hard watching a porn video on an off screen TV and damn does Josh look even better than he did in his solo video. Josh holds his cock at the base to show us how long it really is. Into the scene the guys are all offered extra if they will let Darren suck their dick. After some negotiating Jeremy and Josh agree and Darren starts sucking both guys dick. Darren moves back and forth between Jeremy and Josh who both seem to be enjoying their blow jobs when all a sudden Jeremy says the gay sex is too much and storms off scene with his clothes in hand. Good thing for us as this leaves more camera time for the sexy ginger Josh without interruptions. There are some very nice close up shots of Josh face fucking Darren who swallows every inch of hard dick right down to his burning bush. (I’m so glad that Josh doesn’t shave his pubes) Darren and Josh sit back on the futon to finish their jack off session. As Josh gets close to cumming he stands up and aims his dick right at Darren’s face and chest. Josh gushes cum for sure but it isn’t enough to hit Darren in the face it sure does cover his hairless chest nicely. Darren follows by adding his own jizz to the mix and both guys look satisfied. I bet Jeremy is sorry he left now. I know that I would have been happy to take his place, or Darren’s for that matter.

red haired straight boy gets blowjob with friend

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Other BSB redheads


two red haired men have gay sex in a gym weight room

A while ago I found the very hot red haired jock Charlie Roberts jerking off at PerfectGuyz. Since then Charlie has done a few scenes but this scene with Connor McGuire is double hot because Connor is a ginger too! When I first looked at the preview picture I thought he was a good looking blond but once his jock strap comes down it is clear that he is a natural red.

They start making out in the weight room where Charlie develops a nice pump, showing off his muscular body and ripped abs. Connor is feeling Charlie’s big biceps and moves his attention to Charlies smooth freckled chest and pink nipples. Connor works his tongue down Charlie’s ripped body, pulls his hard cock out the side of his jock strap, and starts sucking. Connor tries but doesn’t do a very good job sucking Charlie’s thick meat. I’m about 100% sure that I could do it better but Charlie seems to like it so it’s all good. Charlie shows his oral skills by going down on Connor. Charlie takes every inch of Connor’s hard cock in his mouth then turns him around to lick his tight ass. Is it the rimming that is so hot or the thought of knowing what usually comes next in a gay porn video once someone gets their ass licked? I go for the after because Charlie puts a condom on and goes to work plowing Connor’s butt with his throbbing dick. Charlie fucks Connor standing at first then finishes his horny sex partner off laying on the weight bench. This is my favorite part of the video as we get a clear view of both guyz totally hot bodies, big dicks, and red pubes. Charlie is hot to be sure but paired with another redhead like Connor is pure gay porn heaven.

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It has been a while since I’ve updated this blog and for that, I am sorry. It isn’t because of lack of sexy red haired men on the web, it is simply because I have been very busy with work stuff and running this site is a hobby. I love redheads and sharing them here. Back in March I posted a mega update of redheads at Chaos Men. There were a number of hot guys there and it deserved a big chunk of space on the first page of Naked Redhead Men. The same is going to happen now:

Webmaster know where their visitors come from and keep track. The visitors from Naked Redhead Men have caught the attention of Jason, the owner of Spunkworthy. He has e-mailed me recently to say, hey – I have added a few gingers to my site lately and sent along a bunch of hi res pics for me to share with you. So, lets take a look at two of the hot amateur redheads that Jason has added recently at Spunkworthy: Wade and Andrew.

Wade Debuts With a Handjob

red haired marine gets a handjob

Wade is a 20 year old marine from a southern town that is now stationed in southern California. His polite southern upbringing shines as he does his interview and openly talks about his sex life. The most he’s ever done with another guy was a three way where him and a buddy double fucked a girl. He is ready now for his porn video debut and is already semi hard as he lowers his pants. As Wade opens his button fly jeans and pulls down his underwear we get a look at a nice bush of bright red pubes that matches his awesome red mane. As Wade jerks his dick Jason moves in to take a feel. Wade doesn’t flinch or back away so Jason continues the masturbation session for him and works a nice load from Wades hard cock. In the end, Wade says that having a guy get him off wasn’t too bad and he’s game to come back for more. As you’ll see in a minute, he does come back and looks just as good getting blown.

Hairy Chested Redhead – Andrew

hairy chested redhead jerks his big uncut cock

Spunkworthy members have asked Jason for more redheads, hairy chested men, and uncut cocks. Andrew is the answer to all those and more! This tall and lean college student was visiting the San Diego area with some friends while on spring break. Like most young men, Andrew has frequently thought about a job in porn and while he would prefer to be fucking a girl, getting paid to jerk off isn’t too bad either. Andrew is very nervous and has a permanent smile on his face from start to end. As Andrew gets naked we get to see the lush bed of red fur covering his chest and ripped abs. There is one word that comes to mind looking at Andrew’s hairy body – WOOF! With such a hairy chest I was hoping that he would have natural pubes as well and Andrew didn’t disappoint. Lots of men in porn shave their pubes to make their cock look bigger but as an amateur and having a naturally big dick means that Andrew can keep thing natural. Andrew has a little trouble getting hard at first but as he relaxes and jacks, his dick grows and grows to a nice length. Even as long as hard cock gets, there is plenty of foreskin that slides back and forth across the head as Andrew jerks off.

Wade Returns For A Blowjob

straight redhead gets gay blowjob

Jason is sooo lucky! Not only does he get Wade to agree to come back for another video at Spunkworthy but he also convinces Wade to get his first blowjob from another guy. Like many of you, I would have offered to blow this hot marine for free. There is something special about being the first to get a straight man off and the way that Wade lets Jason rub his chest and and feel his smooth body while sucking him off makes this video all that much hotter.

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