April 30: Josh is a tall & thin red haired straight boy with a sexy southern accent and exhibitionist tendencies. The producers of Broke Straight Boys discovered him washing windows and offered him $50 to show them his cock. Josh has dark hair but a fiery red beard so I was anxious to see his pubes when he drops his shorts. JACKPOT! Josh is a real redhead with the pubes to prove it. He’s gone this far, showing his dick on the balcony so going inside for more money is just another step towards lining his pocket with cash. Josh goes inside and gets naked as he runs the hot water for a quick shower. We get to watch Josh shower and dry off before he steps into the bedroom for his first on camera jack off scene. In a weird twist, Josh gets so into the jerking that he inserts a few fingers up his ass while rubbing his hard cock to an explosive ending that leaves his hairless chest and ripped abs covered in cum. Gotta love those straight guys that know what they like and aren’t afraid to do it on camera.

May 26: Josh did so well with his jack off video that he was invited back with another guy that did a jerk off scene recently, Jeremy and a new Broke Straight Boy regular, Darren. In the picture below, Darren in the sun burned guy in the middle and obviously Josh is on the right. Justin and Josh both agreed to do a side-by-side jack off with another guy for $150. All three guys get naked and take positions on the BSB futon to start jacking. They all get good and hard watching a porn video on an off screen TV and damn does Josh look even better than he did in his solo video. Josh holds his cock at the base to show us how long it really is. Into the scene the guys are all offered extra if they will let Darren suck their dick. After some negotiating Jeremy and Josh agree and Darren starts sucking both guys dick. Darren moves back and forth between Jeremy and Josh who both seem to be enjoying their blow jobs when all a sudden Jeremy says the gay sex is too much and storms off scene with his clothes in hand. Good thing for us as this leaves more camera time for the sexy ginger Josh without interruptions. There are some very nice close up shots of Josh face fucking Darren who swallows every inch of hard dick right down to his burning bush. (I’m so glad that Josh doesn’t shave his pubes) Darren and Josh sit back on the futon to finish their jack off session. As Josh gets close to cumming he stands up and aims his dick right at Darren’s face and chest. Josh gushes cum for sure but it isn’t enough to hit Darren in the face it sure does cover his hairless chest nicely. Darren follows by adding his own jizz to the mix and both guys look satisfied. I bet Jeremy is sorry he left now. I know that I would have been happy to take his place, or Darren’s for that matter.

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