You know that I love the gingers and am constantly on the lookout for new redhead men on gay porn sites. Many times there are periods of drought where no matter what, I can’t find them then there are times when I discover many sites with redheads that I have not ever seen or sites I never knew existed with tons of pictures and videos of redhead favorites.

Many people think that anything found on the internet is fair game for use and that is not the case. I am required to get permission from each site owner before I can post pictures on this blog. Some site owners are very helpful and give me discounted access to their sites to grab the pics I like best and others are nearly impossible to reach. I’d like to publicly thank in particular Broke Straight Boys, Spunk Worthy, Next Door Studios, Southern Strokes, College Boy Physicals, and Chaos Men for their efforts in supporting me and the loyal Naked Redhead Men surfers. An extra special thanks to Jason at Spunk Worthy and Kevin at Southern Strokes who have both written to me saying that they appreciate the gingerphiles and have made extra efforts to specifically add more redheads to their stable of men. Webmaster track where their visitors come from and when they see you all coming from here they know that there is an interested audience for more red haired models.

I will be using my spare time this summer to create special pages here for the sites that have gone out of their way to add redheads or have been nice enough to give me access to the members areas to grab pictures for use here. Of course as I find new redheads or sites with red haired porn stars they will get front page attention. Recently I found a site with lots of scenes featuring Blu Kennedy. When I have time there will be a preview of Blu’s scenes at Dominic Ford. I have also recently partnered with two naked celebrity sites (Hollywood Exposed and Male Celebrities) and may post some links to popular mainstream reds like Rupert Grint, Matthew Mitcham, or Prince Harry too. Because I’m in no condition to be sued, there will be no naked celebrity pictures here or links to pages with red haired men under age 18 (naked or not).

If you have a favorite redhead porn model or an over 18 red haired guy that you would like to see here please write and let me know. You can leave a comment here or send messages through the Naked Redhead Men Facebook page. I’ll do my best to get permission for use and post pics when possible.

Thanks for your continued support of this site and our sponsors!

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  • Hey there. Thank *you* for the special thanks on the blog and for promoting the (unfortunately few and far between) redheads at Spunk Worthy! I definitely keep my eyes peeled for the gingers around San Diego, and when I meet one they go to the top of the update list. And, of course, you’re the first person I think to contact to let you know about them. I hope your readers enjoy! Take care.

  • Anonymous:

    I’d love to see some posts on Micah Jones and Luke Riley at Extra Big Dicks if you can!

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