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I found this red haired twink a few weeks ago at Boys First Time and asked friends on Facebook what they would like to see. People said they wanted to see him in some solo action as well as sucking and fucking. Luckily, Boys First Time does something different with their picture galleries during updates. They usually do a brief photo set with each model solo then put them together for the sex. I have taken my favorite pictures of red haired twink Chasse from both of his sessions and provided them for you here. If you want to see the video you’ll need to join Boys First Time. Don’t let the tour fool you, there is lots of content inside to enjoy with at least six amateur redhead guys jacking off and having gay sex.

Chasse Solo

naked redhead twink

Chasse looks like he is having a good time as he strips naked and shows off his thin smooth body. The smile on his face says it all but I’ll share a little about what is so much fun about him as I type one handed. Starting from the top, his long dark red hair. The front comes almost down to his eyes. Being a child of the 80s, I have a kind of retro thing for guys with long hair in the Flock of Seagulls style. His hair isn’t that long but his thin smooth body in a plain white tee shirt and jeans so reminds me of a high school crush that brings back lots of fond memories and provide a visual reality to my past fantasies. The sight gets even better when he lowers his jeans and we get to see the bushy red pubes above Chasse’s average sized dick. It looks like he leaves the bush natural and shaves his balls. All the better for licking them IMO. Feet and ass redhead lovers aren’t left out either as Chasse turns on the bed and puts his baby smooth butt on display while kneeling in a position that shows his feet as well. With the stubble on his face, I though that Chasse would be a bit hairier but looking at his chest, stomach, butt, and legs there is barely any body hair on him.

Chasse Sucks and Gets Fucked

big dicked blond boy has gay sex with red haired twink

The big dicked blond boy that fills Chasse’s mouth and ass with cock isn’t named in the scene credits for some reason. That doesn’t make the sex between these two young men any less fun to watch though. It is very clear that Chasse is an aggressive bottom, and a good one at that. Before the blond guy has any of his clothes off Chasse has his jeans undone and a cock in his mouth. The blond’s dick just seems to grow with each lick until it gets to be about 8 inches long. Chasse sucks, deep throats, and licks the long shaft of blond’s big dick. As he did in the solo pictures; Chasse has a nice smile and looks like he is having a good time playing with the big piece of meat. Both guys get naked and Chasse applies a little lube to his hairless hole as blond puts a condom on. Chasse turns to face him and slowly lowers himself onto the big cock. We can’t see his face as he rides the white pony but blond boy looks very happy. I would be too if Chasse was doing anything with me, especially servicing my precum dripping dick. You’d think that his hole would be nicely stretched after such a ride but the look on his face says otherwise as blond flips Chasse onto his back and lifts his legs in the air to fuck him face to face. Watching the big dick go in to the hilt was fun no matter how painful it looks to Chasse. After a few pumps the look of pain turns to pure pleasure and Chasse even grabs the blond twink’s legs to pull him all the way in as they screw. Chasse starts stroking his own dick after a bit and shoots a big load of cum onto his chest as he continues to be filled. Blond boy pulls out and adds his own jizz to the stream of cum running down Chasse’s chest and stomach. Something about a redhead twink’s smooth body covered with cum gets me so horny!

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Last month I thanked some special sponsors of Naked Redhead Men that provide me with pictures and videos to share with you. A reader posted a comment asking for an update featuring Micah Jones and Luke Riley from Extra Big Dicks. I have looked all over EBD and not been able to find a scene with these two ginger men together but was able to find a few scenes with them sucking and fucking other guys. EBD also has a special search page for scenes with red haired men to make finding other big dicked redheads easy.

Luke Riley

tattooed headhead has gay sex with hairy stud

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Luke Riley has bulked up a bit since his first performance with Blake Collier. The hair on his head is a lot shorter and looks sun bleached but his red beard shows that he is a real redhead. Luke hooks up with hairy chested Josh West in his latest scene and while we don’t get to see much of Luke’s hard dick in action he sure does put on a heck of a show pleasuring Josh. Luke starts by sucking Josh’s 9 inch cock. We get lots of close up views of the long hard cock moving in and out of Luke’s mouth. Luke gets his dick sucked by Josh for a short period next where we get a look at his bush which isn’t as red as his beard but more a strawberry blond color. Luke is horned up and lets his bottoming prowess show as he climbs onto Josh’s dick and goes for a ride. The fucking gets intense and Luke lets us know through his moans of pleasure and facial expressions how much he loves a hard cock.

Micah Jones

big dicked redhead has gay sex with smooth friend

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Micah Jones has been one of my favorite redheads on the web for a while and seeing his scenes with Hanz Dinkler and a return performance with Brenden Black makes me lust for him even more. Both scenes are hot (as you would expect with Micah) but I could only find some good pictures to use here from his scene with Brenden Black so…

Micah is working on some of Brenden’s home gym equipment while wearing a black muscle shirt. His reddish hair looks awesome contrasting with the black shirt and when he flexes his arms showing us those ripped biceps, hmmmm. It is no wonder that Brenden gets cock hungry watching him work. I was already getting hard for Micah before his clothes even started coming off. I have seen Micah before and was a little disappointed when he took his shirt off and seen that his belly and chest were clean shaven. Micah has a beautiful red bush of pubes and I was afraid they would be gone too. Luckily he left a small patch of his pubes for us to see and enjoy as Brenden sucks Micah’s 8 inch dick and gets fucked. The protography at Extra Big Dicks is all about showing the cock so again, we get a lot of close ups of Micah’s dick and pubes as Brenden sucks him. My favorite view though is seen in the lower left corner in the collage above when Micah is behind Brenden getting ready to fuck him. His lean body, red sideburns, flat stomach, red pubes, and look how long his dick looks!

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