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Blu Kennedy going out of businessAs I was searching the web for the latest porn to make me happy I found a story that both made me disappointed and kind of happy at the same time. Frontiers 4 Men recently interviewed one of my all time favorite gay porn stars; Blu Kennedy (aka Blu Thompson). In this interview Blu announces that he is leaving the porn world so that he can finish school and go out for a real job. I can only imagine how hard it must be to find respectful employment when management discovers that you’re a big porn star let alone a gay porn star. Blu discusses issues like that in his interview and more.

From the days when Blu was a naive 18 year old doing scenes with amateur American twink producer CitiBoyz to his recent steamy scenes with Hot House, Blu has been one of my favorites. It was while watching an early scene with Blu and another big dicked redhead twink that I discovered my affinity for the ging. I was jerking off with a friend and made the comment that this particular scene was my favorite because seeing two hot redheads was totally awesome. My friend said flatly “you always did have a thing for redheads”. Of course I denied it having never though about it before. When he told me that two of my last three boyfriends and every girl I ever dated was redhead I realized the power that gingers have at stimulating my libido. We finished jerking off together while watching the next scene on the tape. I watched that scene so many times that when the DVD came out it was the first porn DVD I ever bought. It’s so much better to jump right to the best parts with DVD.

Over the years I have joined every site and purchased every DVD with scenes from Blu. He is actually the reason I started this blog. Other webmasters said that no one would visit an all redhead site but I didn’t care. Redheads are my favorite and knew there must be other men (and maybe even some women) like me that get wet from the red. Now, between this blog and the facebook page, I know there are at least a few hundred regular weekly visitors that enjoy red haired men like Blu as much as me.

I’m going to miss new Blu Kennedy scenes. At the same time, he had a great run and has brought me many hours of pleasure. I hope that things go well in his life and absolutely wish him the best of luck with what ever he does.



So You Think You Can Fuck

So You Think You Can Fuck season two started last night and will update weekly for the next 9 weeks. The gay porn reality show features models from the Dominic Ford lineup of very hot men. The guys compete with each other for points and a winner of the contest will be announced on the final episode. Each week a new xxx rated sex scene will stream and be critiqued by the panel of judges. Viewers then cast online votes for their favorite and a winner will be crowned the final show.

Ric McCoy

Ric McCoy the uncut ginger posing nakedRic McCoy: the uncut ginger (seen at 2:29 in the video above) is obviously my favorite to win. All the competitors are great so he will need the help of us ginger lovers if he is to remain competitive for all 9 weeks. Nonmembers can vote once a day for their favorite model but member’s declared favorite get 500 bonus points.

One of the things about this show that is so cool is that it comes to us from gay porn studio Dominic Ford. They are the people who film their scenes in 3D and even provide glasses required when members sign up. There is something so cool about watching cumshots in 3D. Not everyone likes the 3D effect or wants to wait to have the required glasses delivered in the mail so a normal HD version of each video is available as well.

Discount Code: SOYOUTHINK

The “So You Think You Can Fuck” reality show will run for approximately three months. If you use this link to visit the site and enter the code SOYOUTHINK in the discount code box on the sign up page you get a fourth month included for the price of three. Whether you join to see the sex scenes or simply watch the PG rated versions, lets show ginger Ric the love and be sure to give him our votes.


When webmasters with similar sites ask to be friends of Naked Redhead Men I like to look around and see what they do. While looking around a friends big dick blog I saw a picture of a red haired man with a crimson beard, plenty of chest hair, red-orange pubes, and a 10 inch uncut cock. His name is Tim Kruger and he (shown below) is the main guy that the site “Tim Tales” is named after. So, basically there are now 3 sites I add to my list of first to go to for redheads. As the site follows Tim and his sexual adventures as he travels the world, there are plenty of videos and pictures of hairy redhead Tim as well as other guys with big dicks.

big dicked and hairy redhead Tim Kruger

Tattooed Ginger Kennedy Carter

tattooed ginger Kennedy Carter poses naked with fellow redhead Ruben

While previewing the Tim Tales tour the first ginger lad that caught my attention was this hot stud Kennedy Carter. He is even more ginger than Tim and, depending on what you like in your men, even hotter. Kennedy is a lean young man with buzzed red hair, a scruffy face, a nice tattoo collection, and a nice 8 inch uncut dick. Kennedy appears in a video exclusive with Tim but it was this (mostly) solo set that really turned me on. His face reminds me a little of Seth Green in his younger days. Something about the shape and smile. I’d certainly talk to him even before seeing him undressed. Kennedy does a sexy strip show. We get to see his hairy red haired pits as he lifts his shirt. His smooth chest is slightly contrasted with a fuzzy belly. There is already no doubt of Kennedy’s true ginger status from his beard and arm pits but when he starts to lower his pants we see the top of his red pubes proving beyond a doubt that the rug DOES match the curtains. Kennedy is so yummy showing off his athletic body, ass, and cock. I would have been satisfied simply watching him get off. As Kennedy starts rubbing his cock his partner Ruben shows up to join in. A bonus, Ruben is red haired too! Not with the pubes that I love so much and certainly not as cute but I’d trade places with him in this scene in a heartbeat. The guys have a little fun posing naked with each other before Ruben goes down to satisfy Kenny by sucking his dick and rimming him. I have not been inside to see the full video yet so don’t know what happens beyond this. Feel free to comment if you seen the video and let the rest of us know what happens next.

tour Tim Tales for more big dicked redheads


Skllar Cove had dark red hair and a big 7.5 inch dick

For those of you that follow our facebook page you know that I have been unable to work much on the blog because of a trip to San Francisco. Yesterday was my first day back and finding a NEW redhead for you was my first priority. Luckily I didn’t have to look very far. The latest amateur model to get naked and jack off at Squirtz has fuzzy dark red hair, an obviously red beard, and red armpits. Skylar Cove’s  pubes are dark like the hair on his head and it looks natural or slightly trimmed at most. Like most of the Canadian guys at Squirtz, Skylar has a bigger than average dick measuring in at 7.5 inches. Personally, I consider anything bigger than 7 inches as big but some will probably disagree. Unlike the other guys, Skylar is circumcised so no foreskin play with this northern ging. Skylar does put on a good show though. He strips naked quickly while doing his interview, shows his crimson pits and skinny ass. With a shirt on that said “Queer as Fuck” and the excitement shown doing the discussion of sex; I’m guessing that Skylar is a bottom so all the better to get a good long look at his backside. With only a few strokes and Skylar is getting hard. He strokes his big dick from a few positions that ends with him kneeling and spewing his load directly onto the bed. It’s a nice cumshot with plenty of volume. It may look better on his chest or splattered across Ariel’s chest. (another Squirtz redhead with a big cock)

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