Skllar Cove had dark red hair and a big 7.5 inch dick

For those of you that follow our facebook page you know that I have been unable to work much on the blog because of a trip to San Francisco. Yesterday was my first day back and finding a NEW redhead for you was my first priority. Luckily I didn’t have to look very far. The latest amateur model to get naked and jack off at Squirtz has fuzzy dark red hair, an obviously red beard, and red armpits. Skylar Cove’s  pubes are dark like the hair on his head and it looks natural or slightly trimmed at most. Like most of the Canadian guys at Squirtz, Skylar has a bigger than average dick measuring in at 7.5 inches. Personally, I consider anything bigger than 7 inches as big but some will probably disagree. Unlike the other guys, Skylar is circumcised so no foreskin play with this northern ging. Skylar does put on a good show though. He strips naked quickly while doing his interview, shows his crimson pits and skinny ass. With a shirt on that said “Queer as Fuck” and the excitement shown doing the discussion of sex; I’m guessing that Skylar is a bottom so all the better to get a good long look at his backside. With only a few strokes and Skylar is getting hard. He strokes his big dick from a few positions that ends with him kneeling and spewing his load directly onto the bed. It’s a nice cumshot with plenty of volume. It may look better on his chest or splattered across Ariel’s chest. (another Squirtz redhead with a big cock)

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