picture of redhead actor Alan Tudyk playing Wash on FireflyWork has been very busy lately so there hasn’t been much time to update Naked Redhead Men blog or the Facebook page lately like I’d like to. I have a few redhead men that have graced the porn pages over the past few weeks and will be working on posts for them over the next few weeks.

Because I travel a lot for work and my boyfriend has a job with odd hours we try to do as much as possible on the weekends that we both have off. Last weekend we decided that we would watch the entire “Firefly” series on DVD then follow it up with the “Serenity” film. We’re nerds so that is a good weekend for us.

I have always loved the show “Firefly” for what it was in toto and while most of my gay friends, and a few sci-fi loving girls I know, think that Nathan Fillion makes the show, I have always liked Wash and Jane best. Jane is basically just so dumb that he says the funniest things. Wash, or Hoban Washburn, if you’re into the triva of the show, was my other favorite. As a character Wash was cool because he had equally as funny lines as Jane but he played a understated yet vital role on the show. He was the pilot and Zoe’s husband. As of Sunday afternoon there is another reason to like Wash so much that I never realized before. He (or at least Alan Tudyk who plays Wash) is a ginger.

The episode called Shindig is what snapped the block in my brain. Wash is in bed with his hot wife and both are all sweaty and naked having just finished another round of intense sex. They are talking when Wash says that he likes their private party better and that he knows “all the steps”. The light shines off his red hair and the sweat makes him look so damn hot!

So, today I went onto IMDB to look up other movies with Alan Tudyk and found he is in a number of movies I like and even did a nude scene in “Death at a Funeral”. You just gotta love these red haired actors that don’t mind showing a little skin for the sake of their art and our fantasies. The bathtub scene with Rupert Grint in “Wild Target” still has my vote for cutest redhead in a mainstream movie but he is a different kind of guy all together than Alan. Rupert is a cute young man that if he was gay may even be considered twinkish. Alan is a man. With his rugged face, ripped body, and hairy chest there is no doubting that. If I was traveling to hostile environments in a space ship for months at a time I’ll take a real man for the trip. Any time your ready Alan, feel free to give me a call. I’ll take a trip with you any day.


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