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get Connor’s full video at Next Door Male

Next Door Studios is one of the sites I like to visit frequently when looking for new red haired men to lust over. They have so many sites in their network that there is a new scene added virtually everyday and they like to use the well received guys in different scenes in their network. Most amateurs and new guys do their first scene as a jack off at Next Door Male before moving on to the more hardcore gay stuff. A few weeks ago a new ginger jock was added to the stable of redhead men. His name is Connor Maguire. Connor has done over 5 scenes this year at Next Door Studios so I don’t know how come I have noticed him until now or maybe assumed because I’ve seen him before that I already shared him here. Either way, here he is stripping down to a jock strap in the gym and stroking his uncut cock for us. Connor has a great body that you can tell he takes good care of. I like this scene a little better than his others because he keeps some of the chest hair intact as well as those awesome pubes that match his fiery red hair. The thin red beard sets off his face well. Connor has an average sized uncut dick. Though not so huge as other gay porn stars, it fills his jock and hand nice enough to get me drooling. If you’re more of an ass kind of person, Connor doesn’t disappoint there. Connor has an amazing butt that he shows off in this solo scene and even more in some of his other sex vids where he bottoms for big dicked men like Samuel O’Toole.


red haired jock strokes his uncut ginger dick in a locker room


A few weeks ago I received a very nice e-mail from Ben at Bentley Race. He knows that I have a thing for redheads and self suckers. He was very friendly and pointed me towards a few guys on his amateur Aussie men site to share here at Naked Redhead Men. The model that Ben specifically mentioned was Ryan Geary for obvious reasons. He is both a ginger and a self sucker. As I looked deeper into Bentley Race I found another guy that quickly caught my attention named Leon Hardie.

Leon is a trifecta of: red hair, nice uncut cock, and a wild man in bed. He would be a perfecta if he could self suck or had a lot of tattoos. I do like guys a little on the wild side even though I am very vanilla myself. There is probably a psychology reason for this but that’s a whole another story. Back to Leon! The bright red hair in a kind of wide Mohawk style is very eye catching. His freckled chest & shoulders along with a lean body and red fur running down his ripped tummy had me excited even before he dropped his pants. Seeing him pose outside in an alleyway with his skate board is very hot.

Red haired skater poses with his uncut cock out on his board

Leon pulls his blue briefs down to his knees exposing his soft uncut cock. There is plenty of foreskin hanging from the end and thank Dog, he keeps his pubes! Yes, they are trimmed pretty short but obviously there and glowing as bright as the hair on his head and running down his lean stomach. He looks yummy. His smooth shaved scrotum is so lickable. I’m not big into the pissing thing but if you are, Leon does pee on the brick wall before he starts stroking to get hard for the picture you see above.

Leon has more than 10 picture galleries and videos in the Bentley Race members area including a hot sex scene with Lucas.  The guys look great together in their Aussie Bum underwear and in wrestling singlets. The guys do some poses together making out then Leon gets the sex started by going down on Lucas. He sucks the dark haired man’s dick from a few interesting positions as the actions heats up.

Mohawk redhead sucks dark haired guys dick

Leon is getting a little wild with the dick sucking but really gets into it when he turns his ass over to Lucas for a hardcore fucking. The lean redhead’s body tightens up and his muscles really show as he gets pounded. An added bonus to the fucking is that Leon looks like he actually enjoys it! Too many guys in professional porn look bored as they have sex. This is not the case with Leon. From his smiling solo pics all the way to the cum shot Leon looks like he was having a good time doing the scene as I did watching him do it.

Leon Hardie gets fucked in a few different positions by Lucas

Thanks a bunch for the e-mail Ben. Please keep these red haired Aussie men coming at Bentley Race.


naked ginger lad Clint Hardwood shows his smooth body and rock hard cock

Shortly after finding Chris (another redhead from Buzz West) in 2009 the site stopped updating and subsequently, I stopped visiting. It was too bad because I love the amateur ginger men best. Sure the porn stars like Blu Kennedy, James Jamesson, or Ric McCoy are nice to watch and no doubt they look awesome but there is just something about a regular guy that anyone could meet on the street that really gets my juices flowing. About a month ago I received an e-mail from Chris saying that BW updated their site, changed the tour, and were adding southern California amateurs weekly again. Because things have been so busy with my regular job I have not had much time to visit but damn; I should have!

Since BW has begun updating again they have added four very nice red haired men that get naked, jerk off, and shower for us. That is kind of the format there. The guys do an interview and either jack off or get a massage with a happy ending, then take a shower. The shower part is my second favorite part about the site. Sex in the shower and seeing water running down the pale or freckled skin of a redhead instantly gets me hard. Yes, swim class in high school with a big dicked redhead boy named Brad made shower time very difficult for me but still brings me fondest memories of my teen years. Anyway, with four new guys to choose from it was a hard choice to decide which one to post here first. You readers enjoyed Alan Parish in the shower so much that I chose the cute ginger twink seen above, Clint Hardwood.

First let me start by saying that Clint Hardwood is obviously NOT his real name. The tattoo on his chest that says “Davidson Family” is the first give away and very few porn models ever use their real names for safety reasons. Mostly to avoid stalkers like me that would follow them to the gym. <joke> I think that Clint should have called himself Cute Ginger Lad. It would be more descriptive. After all, he is cute and a ginger. Even though Clint plays sports for his college he isn’t built enough to be a jock and his boyish face and chest lack any hair so lad fits him well.  Specifically, Clint plays baseball and all the running shows in his thin body and amazing round ass. For a straight guy, Clint doesn’t mind showing it off either. My only complaint about Clint is that he trims his pubes too short. Trimmed pubes look okay on other guys but rarely on a redhead. I think if you have it you should show it off. Pubes aside, Clint has a nice cock with a slight curve that would fit perfect down my throat in a 69 position. We get plenty of good close up shots of his hard cock as he changes from a kneeling to reclined position on the bed. Clint isn’t too loud or vocal as he jerks off but does let loose a little as he starts to cum and gets talkative again as he moves to the shower. You gotta love hot guys that talk to you in the shower, right?

use this link to visit Buzz West

Check out Clint (10/28/11), Devin (11/1/11), Jon (10/4/11), Big Red (7/12/11) and let me know who you want to see here next. With these new updates and an obvious appreciation for the reds, I’m adding Buzz West to my list of Best For Reds section. If you read this Buzz, keep them cumming!


Red haired hunk gets naked in the kitchen flexes his muscles and jerks his hard cock

A friend of Naked Redhead Men sent an e-mail telling me that there were a few hunky redhead men at Man Avenue so I went over to check it out. The pictures on the tour are very small so it was hard to spot the redheads but this hunk (Pierce) was specifically mentioned to me so when I found his preview on page 11 and seen him flexing his muscles in the kitchen, I knew we had a winner.

Pierce starts off wearing a tight pink tee shirt that leaves very little guessing about his bulking body beneath. His chest and arms are so big that the shirt stretches to accommodate him but the subtle color contrasts nice with his strawberry blond hair and fair skin. Pierce is nervous for his first time doing a naked video so the photographer simply tells him to get naked, flex his muscles, and jerk off.  With that, he starts getting naked by pulling off his shirt. If you like your gingers hunky then your going to flip over Pierce. It is obvious that this boy spends some serious time in the gym working on his upper body. His traps, biceps, deltoids, an pecs are impressive but it is his cobra-like back that is really hot. There is barely any hair on his chest to obscure the view of his ripped body but he does have a little treasure trail running down his abs into his jeans. After flexing his arms and shoulders he undoes his pants and gives us a look at his trimmed pubes that lie at the end of his hairy trail. The grass looks darker than I like in a redhead but when the light hits him right, the red hue shines nice and looks great against his white skin. It doesn’t take Piece long to get hard either. He begins stroking his cock in the kitchen and once he is hard he moves through the dining area where he fingers his ass, gives some close ups of his hard curved cock, and jerks a load.

The preview videos at Man Avenue are available in WMV for PC users and M4V for you Mac guys so… click here to get to Pierces preview page, go to Video Gallery and watch his free preview or join the site to download his full length video.