naked ginger lad Clint Hardwood shows his smooth body and rock hard cock

Shortly after finding Chris (another redhead from Buzz West) in 2009 the site stopped updating and subsequently, I stopped visiting. It was too bad because I love the amateur ginger men best. Sure the porn stars like Blu Kennedy, James Jamesson, or Ric McCoy are nice to watch and no doubt they look awesome but there is just something about a regular guy that anyone could meet on the street that really gets my juices flowing. About a month ago I received an e-mail from Chris saying that BW updated their site, changed the tour, and were adding southern California amateurs weekly again. Because things have been so busy with my regular job I have not had much time to visit but damn; I should have!

Since BW has begun updating again they have added four very nice red haired men that get naked, jerk off, and shower for us. That is kind of the format there. The guys do an interview and either jack off or get a massage with a happy ending, then take a shower. The shower part is my second favorite part about the site. Sex in the shower and seeing water running down the pale or freckled skin of a redhead instantly gets me hard. Yes, swim class in high school with a big dicked redhead boy named Brad made shower time very difficult for me but still brings me fondest memories of my teen years. Anyway, with four new guys to choose from it was a hard choice to decide which one to post here first. You readers enjoyed Alan Parish in the shower so much that I chose the cute ginger twink seen above, Clint Hardwood.

First let me start by saying that Clint Hardwood is obviously NOT his real name. The tattoo on his chest that says “Davidson Family” is the first give away and very few porn models ever use their real names for safety reasons. Mostly to avoid stalkers like me that would follow them to the gym. <joke> I think that Clint should have called himself Cute Ginger Lad. It would be more descriptive. After all, he is cute and a ginger. Even though Clint plays sports for his college he isn’t built enough to be a jock and his boyish face and chest lack any hair so lad fits him well.  Specifically, Clint plays baseball and all the running shows in his thin body and amazing round ass. For a straight guy, Clint doesn’t mind showing it off either. My only complaint about Clint is that he trims his pubes too short. Trimmed pubes look okay on other guys but rarely on a redhead. I think if you have it you should show it off. Pubes aside, Clint has a nice cock with a slight curve that would fit perfect down my throat in a 69 position. We get plenty of good close up shots of his hard cock as he changes from a kneeling to reclined position on the bed. Clint isn’t too loud or vocal as he jerks off but does let loose a little as he starts to cum and gets talkative again as he moves to the shower. You gotta love hot guys that talk to you in the shower, right?

use this link to visit Buzz West

Check out Clint (10/28/11), Devin (11/1/11), Jon (10/4/11), Big Red (7/12/11) and let me know who you want to see here next. With these new updates and an obvious appreciation for the reds, I’m adding Buzz West to my list of Best For Reds section. If you read this Buzz, keep them cumming!


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