Red haired hunk gets naked in the kitchen flexes his muscles and jerks his hard cock

A friend of Naked Redhead Men sent an e-mail telling me that there were a few hunky redhead men at Man Avenue so I went over to check it out. The pictures on the tour are very small so it was hard to spot the redheads but this hunk (Pierce) was specifically mentioned to me so when I found his preview on page 11 and seen him flexing his muscles in the kitchen, I knew we had a winner.

Pierce starts off wearing a tight pink tee shirt that leaves very little guessing about his bulking body beneath. His chest and arms are so big that the shirt stretches to accommodate him but the subtle color contrasts nice with his strawberry blond hair and fair skin. Pierce is nervous for his first time doing a naked video so the photographer simply tells him to get naked, flex his muscles, and jerk off.  With that, he starts getting naked by pulling off his shirt. If you like your gingers hunky then your going to flip over Pierce. It is obvious that this boy spends some serious time in the gym working on his upper body. His traps, biceps, deltoids, an pecs are impressive but it is his cobra-like back that is really hot. There is barely any hair on his chest to obscure the view of his ripped body but he does have a little treasure trail running down his abs into his jeans. After flexing his arms and shoulders he undoes his pants and gives us a look at his trimmed pubes that lie at the end of his hairy trail. The grass looks darker than I like in a redhead but when the light hits him right, the red hue shines nice and looks great against his white skin. It doesn’t take Piece long to get hard either. He begins stroking his cock in the kitchen and once he is hard he moves through the dining area where he fingers his ass, gives some close ups of his hard curved cock, and jerks a load.

The preview videos at Man Avenue are available in WMV for PC users and M4V for you Mac guys so… click here to get to Pierces preview page, go to Video Gallery and watch his free preview or join the site to download his full length video.

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