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The first time I seen the new redhead, Conner at Broke Straight Boys was the end of November. Like most of the first timers at BSB, Conner did an interview video with a jack off and cum shot. Conner is a mid west farm boy that up until recently didn’t have a clue that as a straight guy, could make money doing gay porn. Conner had little trouble getting hard and stroking his dick on camera.Conner is an average looking guy with pale skin, a few tattoos, a smooth body, and short red pubes that are nearly shaved off but still visible. The mild acne on his face may be a turn off to some, I think it makes him more real; like a guy you’d meet on the street. His friendly smile and blue eyes along with his red hair would be enough to do it for me.

redhead farmboy jerks his ginger cock

Conner Gives

Since his jerk off scene in November, Conner has been back to Broke Straight Boys five times. The owners of Broke Straight Boys were nice enough to let me into their members area to grab a few pictures for use here. There were so many to choose from that I picked my favorite two to share here. The first is a scene that was added December 15th and involves Conner fucking another straight boy regular, Colin. What I like best about this video involves two things. First, Conner is letting his awesomely red pubes grow out and I love guys with naturally red pubes. Don’t shave those Conner! Secondly is that Conner is getting more confident and even a little cocky in front of the camera. That confidence shows through in his sex and fun. Conner goes right to it sucking Colin’s dick and then flipping him over to fuck him. During the scene Conner looks relaxed and even has fun a few times joking around. Gotta love a guy that can joke around while fucking a stranger.

redhead gets blown by a guy then fucks him in the butt

Conner Takes

Since his jerk off video Conner has been busy sucking guys cocks and fucking a few men in the butt. He hasn’t been the bottom until now. The second scene that caught my attention was with Jimmy. Jimmy is one of the men at Broke Straight Boys that has a way easing newbies into getting fucked. He continues to work his magic on Conner in this scene. Jimmy and Conner get naked and take turns sucking each others dick for a while. Once Jimmy feels that Conner is relaxed enough, he gets the ginger boy on all fours and moves behind to enter him doggy style. It takes some time but Conner eventually loosens up enough for Jimmy to really give it to him good. He flips Conner onto his side and back to continue pounding his sweet straight boy ass. Even though watching Conner getting fucked was fun, my favorite part of this scene was definitely when Conner cums. Seeing him all pumped and sweaty while he jerks a thick load onto his stomach was hot! After he cums his wet semi hard cock lays back against his stomach pointing to a pool of white cum. His spent cock and cum puddle are awesome as Jimmy strokes his own load to add to the mix.

red haired guy takes a cock up his ass for the first time

Conner cums at Broke Straight Boys

You can see a preview video of Conner getting a blowjob as well as other Broke Straight Boy redheads here.


ginger jock with ripped abs, red pubes, and hard cock

It’s no big secrete that red haired twinks and jocks are my favorites when it comes to porn. I was very happy when I came across Hank at FratMen TV a few days ago. Even the non nude pictures of him are awesome. Hank has long red hair that surrounds his smiling face. It seems that he was having a good time doing a slow strip where he shows us his ripped body outside based on the smile he flashes almost non stop. It was great when he unzipped his jeans. First, he isn’t wearing any underwear so as soon as the top opens we get easy access and second, Hank doesn’t shave his pubes. The dark red bush is completely visible as soon as he starts dropping his jeans. Hank goes inside to finish getting completely naked. As Hank shows off more of his gym toned body his dick gets harder and harder until it is pointed out and up with him barely touching it. There is something more fun about watching guys who get hard quick and stay that way simply because of the situation. I remember my college days and was the same way. Looking at Hank brings back some very fond memories. When hank is done showing off, he lies back on the sofa at the FratMen studio to jerk off. The big smile stays on his face as he strokes his hard cock and rubs his balls to a sticky finish.

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redhead twink with ripped body and fat dick

As I was browsing Bad Puppy yesterday I noticed that the last model had a cute face with dick sucking lips and a red tinge to his hair. Even a dyed redhead does it for me so of course I clicked to see more of Wes. I’m glad that I did. This 19 year old Californian is one hot looking red haired twink. Or maybe he’s a jock. With his boyish looks, thin body, and near lack of body hair Wes could easily be called a twink. His job as a personal trainer means that he gets paid to help people look and feel their best and most likely gives him free access to the best equipment. You can see from his defined shoulders down to his ripped abs that he works out himself. Even his ass looks awesome. The line running down the midline of his abdominal 6 pack goes to his belly where a light line of reddish fur forms a trail leading to a trimmed bush of red pubes. It looks like Wes shaves his balls but there is a hint of hair between his legs and surrounding his pink butt hole. Wes does a number of poses for his 69 picture photo gallery and a brief interview as he strips naked for his 17 minute jack off video. The video work is amateur and shot in a hotel room someplace. Personally, I love amateur porn so the shaky camera didn’t bother me. It actually makes thing more exciting for me thinking that I could be the one doing videos like this someday. Wes strokes his dick until it is fully hard. Like the rest of him, his cock does not fail to impress. This young man has a nice thick dick with a big mushroom head. It may not be overly long but looks very nice on his thin body. Looking even better is the pool of white cum running across his dark skin and red pubes after he cums.

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