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red haired southern twink jacks off and gives self facial

Reading the description of this scene featuring the newly discovered red haired southern twink Cord was almost like it was written just for us ginger lovers. The owner of Southern Strokes says that pale skinned red heads turn him on so he jumped all over the chance to meet this 18 year old when he spotted him on a gay hook up site. Cord is a typical horny dude who jacks off a few times a day and takes all the sex he can get so sure, he’ll jerk off for pay and the attention of admirers is a bonus.

Cord is definitely cute. Even fully dressed this is the kind of guy I’d watch at the club for hours and not get bored. Of course seeing him naked is nice too. The smile on his face is there as he starts his interview and stays right up the the messy end. Cord does have pale skin except for his flushed cheeks and little pink nipples on his mostly smooth chest. It’s a bit disappointing that this sexy ginger lad shaves his pubes so short. I’d love to bury my face right down to a crimson patch of hair on Cord’s fine cock. This young man is so horned up when he does this video that his cock is already semi hard when he pulls his underwear down and it stays hard or mostly hard throughout. Cord is going along like most solo gay porn videos, he shows us his ass, plays with his balls, and continues to stroke his cock in a few positions but then does something that I really love to watch. Cord flips over on the sofa so that his feet are over the back and head hanging down so he can jerk his load onto his face. Cord isn’t big enough or flexible enough to suck his own cock but he doesn’t need to be. As you can see in the picture above, Cord shoots an explosive cumshot that sends streams of white jizz towards his open mouth. The cum comes and comes and comes covering his face and upper chest with goo. Cord was fun to watch but my favorite part had to be the end when he turns to us covered in cum and smiles. Yes, he had a good time!

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