Chaos Men Keagon naked hard cock

It has been a while but Chaos Men has added another ginger to their line up of impressive red-haired men.  Keaghan is a cute 22 year-old with a lean body and cute face.  He sports a bit of facial hair under his chin but nothing like a full beard.  His blue eyes look great contrasting against his short hair and he has a friendly smile.  Keaghan has barely any hair on his chest but a line of fur that runs from his somewhat ripped abs down to a full bush of red pubes.  It looks like he may occasionally shave his balls but in his debut jerk off video, he has a bit of hair growing from his tight scrotum.  If you like guys with hair ass, Keaghan is your guy – the hair lining his ass crack is as red as his pubes.  Keaghan is a versatile gay guy so it’s a pretty good bet that he’ll be back for some man on man sex.  Let’s hope that they find more guys like Keaghan.

watch Keaghan’s video here


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