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tattooed redhead shares his gay sex toy with a friend

Evan Mercy is a tattooed ginger that has been appearing more regular like on the site Circle Jerk Boys. Makes me happy! Evan is kind of a fun loving thug type with all his tattoos and fauxhawk haircut. In this playful scene he hooks up with another tattooed guy named Luke Whyte. The guys are sitting looking at a Fleshjack jerk off toy when their cocks come out for a try. The boys pass the toy back and forth when they get in the mood for something more substantial in their play. While continuing to stroke themselves with the Fleshjack, they take turns sucking each others dick. We get a very nice close up of Evan’s long dick gliding in and out of the pink lips as he kneels before Luke. The feeling gets Evan’s dick a throbbing and ready for some hardcore fucking. Evan mounts Luke from a few positions long stroking his ass for his own pleasure.

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When webmasters with similar sites ask to be friends of Naked Redhead Men I like to look around and see what they do. While looking around a friends big dick blog I saw a picture of a red haired man with a crimson beard, plenty of chest hair, red-orange pubes, and a 10 inch uncut cock. His name is Tim Kruger and he (shown below) is the main guy that the site “Tim Tales” is named after. So, basically there are now 3 sites I add to my list of first to go to for redheads. As the site follows Tim and his sexual adventures as he travels the world, there are plenty of videos and pictures of hairy redhead Tim as well as other guys with big dicks.

big dicked and hairy redhead Tim Kruger

Tattooed Ginger Kennedy Carter

tattooed ginger Kennedy Carter poses naked with fellow redhead Ruben

While previewing the Tim Tales tour the first ginger lad that caught my attention was this hot stud Kennedy Carter. He is even more ginger than Tim and, depending on what you like in your men, even hotter. Kennedy is a lean young man with buzzed red hair, a scruffy face, a nice tattoo collection, and a nice 8 inch uncut dick. Kennedy appears in a video exclusive with Tim but it was this (mostly) solo set that really turned me on. His face reminds me a little of Seth Green in his younger days. Something about the shape and smile. I’d certainly talk to him even before seeing him undressed. Kennedy does a sexy strip show. We get to see his hairy red haired pits as he lifts his shirt. His smooth chest is slightly contrasted with a fuzzy belly. There is already no doubt of Kennedy’s true ginger status from his beard and arm pits but when he starts to lower his pants we see the top of his red pubes proving beyond a doubt that the rug DOES match the curtains. Kennedy is so yummy showing off his athletic body, ass, and cock. I would have been satisfied simply watching him get off. As Kennedy starts rubbing his cock his partner Ruben shows up to join in. A bonus, Ruben is red haired too! Not with the pubes that I love so much and certainly not as cute but I’d trade places with him in this scene in a heartbeat. The guys have a little fun posing naked with each other before Ruben goes down to satisfy Kenny by sucking his dick and rimming him. I have not been inside to see the full video yet so don’t know what happens beyond this. Feel free to comment if you seen the video and let the rest of us know what happens next.

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Skllar Cove had dark red hair and a big 7.5 inch dick

For those of you that follow our facebook page you know that I have been unable to work much on the blog because of a trip to San Francisco. Yesterday was my first day back and finding a NEW redhead for you was my first priority. Luckily I didn’t have to look very far. The latest amateur model to get naked and jack off at Squirtz has fuzzy dark red hair, an obviously red beard, and red armpits. Skylar Cove’s  pubes are dark like the hair on his head and it looks natural or slightly trimmed at most. Like most of the Canadian guys at Squirtz, Skylar has a bigger than average dick measuring in at 7.5 inches. Personally, I consider anything bigger than 7 inches as big but some will probably disagree. Unlike the other guys, Skylar is circumcised so no foreskin play with this northern ging. Skylar does put on a good show though. He strips naked quickly while doing his interview, shows his crimson pits and skinny ass. With a shirt on that said “Queer as Fuck” and the excitement shown doing the discussion of sex; I’m guessing that Skylar is a bottom so all the better to get a good long look at his backside. With only a few strokes and Skylar is getting hard. He strokes his big dick from a few positions that ends with him kneeling and spewing his load directly onto the bed. It’s a nice cumshot with plenty of volume. It may look better on his chest or splattered across Ariel’s chest. (another Squirtz redhead with a big cock)

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Last month I thanked some special sponsors of Naked Redhead Men that provide me with pictures and videos to share with you. A reader posted a comment asking for an update featuring Micah Jones and Luke Riley from Extra Big Dicks. I have looked all over EBD and not been able to find a scene with these two ginger men together but was able to find a few scenes with them sucking and fucking other guys. EBD also has a special search page for scenes with red haired men to make finding other big dicked redheads easy.

Luke Riley

tattooed headhead has gay sex with hairy stud

see the free preview video here

Luke Riley has bulked up a bit since his first performance with Blake Collier. The hair on his head is a lot shorter and looks sun bleached but his red beard shows that he is a real redhead. Luke hooks up with hairy chested Josh West in his latest scene and while we don’t get to see much of Luke’s hard dick in action he sure does put on a heck of a show pleasuring Josh. Luke starts by sucking Josh’s 9 inch cock. We get lots of close up views of the long hard cock moving in and out of Luke’s mouth. Luke gets his dick sucked by Josh for a short period next where we get a look at his bush which isn’t as red as his beard but more a strawberry blond color. Luke is horned up and lets his bottoming prowess show as he climbs onto Josh’s dick and goes for a ride. The fucking gets intense and Luke lets us know through his moans of pleasure and facial expressions how much he loves a hard cock.

Micah Jones

big dicked redhead has gay sex with smooth friend

watch Micah and Brenden’s free preview

Micah Jones has been one of my favorite redheads on the web for a while and seeing his scenes with Hanz Dinkler and a return performance with Brenden Black makes me lust for him even more. Both scenes are hot (as you would expect with Micah) but I could only find some good pictures to use here from his scene with Brenden Black so…

Micah is working on some of Brenden’s home gym equipment while wearing a black muscle shirt. His reddish hair looks awesome contrasting with the black shirt and when he flexes his arms showing us those ripped biceps, hmmmm. It is no wonder that Brenden gets cock hungry watching him work. I was already getting hard for Micah before his clothes even started coming off. I have seen Micah before and was a little disappointed when he took his shirt off and seen that his belly and chest were clean shaven. Micah has a beautiful red bush of pubes and I was afraid they would be gone too. Luckily he left a small patch of his pubes for us to see and enjoy as Brenden sucks Micah’s 8 inch dick and gets fucked. The protography at Extra Big Dicks is all about showing the cock so again, we get a lot of close ups of Micah’s dick and pubes as Brenden sucks him. My favorite view though is seen in the lower left corner in the collage above when Micah is behind Brenden getting ready to fuck him. His lean body, red sideburns, flat stomach, red pubes, and look how long his dick looks!

red haired men at Extra Big Dicks


I know that I previously said that I wouldn’t do multiple posts of the same red haired model featured at one site but when I saw this video of James Jamesson I had to share it with you.


James is one of the regular men that appear in solo and hardcore gay sex scenes at the Next Door Studios network of 8 sites including Next Door Male where this scene is located. We’ve seen James performing with other men and even some women but this is the first time that I remember seeing him sucking himself off. If I could suck my own dick I’d do it all the time so I’m not sure why we haven’t seen him doing this before but who cares, he is doing it now. James starts looking at some straight porn magazines and jerking his big cock when the urge for more hits him. He flips over on the bed with his feet overhead and lowers his hips toward his waiting mouth. James doesn’t deep throat himself or anything but he gives the head a good licking and sucks the tip when he can. He stays in this position jerking, sucking, and licking himself right to the point where he cums.

redhead gives self facial and licks the cum

The white cum looks great in his red beard and running down his face onto the pillow below. James isn’t done servicing himself yet. Holding his cum dripping dick in hand he pulls it down for one last taste, licking the cum from the tip and swallowing it.

Members of Next Door Male get access to all of the next door sites where James has over 15 scenes online now and I’m sure more coming. Joy!

April 30: Josh is a tall & thin red haired straight boy with a sexy southern accent and exhibitionist tendencies. The producers of Broke Straight Boys discovered him washing windows and offered him $50 to show them his cock. Josh has dark hair but a fiery red beard so I was anxious to see his pubes when he drops his shorts. JACKPOT! Josh is a real redhead with the pubes to prove it. He’s gone this far, showing his dick on the balcony so going inside for more money is just another step towards lining his pocket with cash. Josh goes inside and gets naked as he runs the hot water for a quick shower. We get to watch Josh shower and dry off before he steps into the bedroom for his first on camera jack off scene. In a weird twist, Josh gets so into the jerking that he inserts a few fingers up his ass while rubbing his hard cock to an explosive ending that leaves his hairless chest and ripped abs covered in cum. Gotta love those straight guys that know what they like and aren’t afraid to do it on camera.

May 26: Josh did so well with his jack off video that he was invited back with another guy that did a jerk off scene recently, Jeremy and a new Broke Straight Boy regular, Darren. In the picture below, Darren in the sun burned guy in the middle and obviously Josh is on the right. Justin and Josh both agreed to do a side-by-side jack off with another guy for $150. All three guys get naked and take positions on the BSB futon to start jacking. They all get good and hard watching a porn video on an off screen TV and damn does Josh look even better than he did in his solo video. Josh holds his cock at the base to show us how long it really is. Into the scene the guys are all offered extra if they will let Darren suck their dick. After some negotiating Jeremy and Josh agree and Darren starts sucking both guys dick. Darren moves back and forth between Jeremy and Josh who both seem to be enjoying their blow jobs when all a sudden Jeremy says the gay sex is too much and storms off scene with his clothes in hand. Good thing for us as this leaves more camera time for the sexy ginger Josh without interruptions. There are some very nice close up shots of Josh face fucking Darren who swallows every inch of hard dick right down to his burning bush. (I’m so glad that Josh doesn’t shave his pubes) Darren and Josh sit back on the futon to finish their jack off session. As Josh gets close to cumming he stands up and aims his dick right at Darren’s face and chest. Josh gushes cum for sure but it isn’t enough to hit Darren in the face it sure does cover his hairless chest nicely. Darren follows by adding his own jizz to the mix and both guys look satisfied. I bet Jeremy is sorry he left now. I know that I would have been happy to take his place, or Darren’s for that matter.

red haired straight boy gets blowjob with friend

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