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jnaked Sean Cody model Kenton

As he starts his interview walking around shirtless hauling a big piece of rope, you can see that Sean Cody model Kenton is a hunky guy in the true meaning.  With short cropped hair and a neatly trimmed beard Kenton looks like a clean-cut guy.  He has a hairless muscular chest with equally impressive shoulders and arms.  He either works (like real work) for a living or spends some time at the gym.  His abs aren’t ripped but he isn’t fat and the four-leaf clover tattoo on his stomach looks great above his bright trimmed pubes.  During his jerk off video Kenton rolls over and spreads his ass to show us that he isn’t all smooth and trimmed.  I bet there’s a ton of guys that would love to get their faces buried deep into that sweet ass of his.  With his cute grin and constant hard-on through his video, Kenton is certainly fun to watch!

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muscular ginger shows his smooth ripped body and big dick

It’s been a while since I’ve been out looking for redheads of gay porn. Lucky there are some old standbys where I know new guys will be found. Chaos Men is awesome at keeping the redhead lineup growing. It was awesome seeing one of there recent additions, Brant.

Brant has a boyish face that makes him look younger than he is. His hairless chest and stomach don’t help although the nipple rings kind of give him a bad boy feel. The great part of Brant comes when he lowers his pants and underwear. He keeps his pubes trimmed but intact. I do love those red pubes! While he shaves his ball sack, his ass crack is lined with a thick crimson fuzz. He gives us a few close up views of that oh so sweet ass too. It doesn’t take much work before Brant is totally hard and the wow factor hits. If you like big dicks, Brant doesn’t disappoint!

Brant is new so he only has two scenes online so far. His second time around he gets a blowjob while tied up (edge) and shoots a huge load with a big smile on his face. lets hope that they can convince this hottie to return for some more man on man action. I’ll be waiting.


Naked ginger lad Philip Hunters cock stands at attention

Philip Hunter is a redhead gem I found in the Badpuppy archives of original models. As Philip relaxes in his office he smiles big for the camera and starts to get undressed. He shows off his ass and bulging underwear while standing in front of a large window. When Philip lowers his shorts there is no doubt that red is this boys natural color. With flaming orange pubes that perfectly match his head it is easy to miss Philips other characteristics like a lean smooth body with nice flat abs, a tight round ass, and a cute boyish face. There is also the point that this ginger lads cock doesn’t stay soft for long and when it gets hard, it really gets hard. Philip’s cock stands out from his body hairy ball sac when semi hard and points right towards the ceiling when he is fully erect. All the time playing with his ass and stroking his rock hard dick Philip has a big smile on his face. He is really enjoying himself. Philip relaxes in a leather chair and jerks his hard cock until he shoots a creamy load onto his stomach and red burning bush.

Philip Hunter’s full length video at Bad Puppy

As the legend says… the only thing better than a twink, is a twink with red hair.  And the only thing better than a redheaded twink is a redhead twink with a big, fat, uncut cock.  Josh Hancock is the super hung strawberry blond twink at You Love Jack that proves the legend is right.  The guys at You Love Jack make their own “homemade gay porn”.  Josh spends a bit of time getting the camera just right then jumps right in taking off his blue jeans and underwear revealing a semi hard cock that is about 1/3 the size of this skinny guys thigh.  Really, why is that the skinny guys have such huge cocks?  His big uncut dick has plenty of foreskin to play with as his cock swells.  The head gets really big and rounded as it slides out from its covering.  Next it’s off with the tee shirt showing a bit of reddish fuzz that travels across his upper chest.  I’m sure that in a few years some lucky guy is going to run his fingers through a plush lawn of red chest hair on this sexy dude.  Josh strokes his mammoth cock, spends some time fingering his hairy ass, and gives us some nice views of it all before spraying his load of cum up onto his hairy chest and stomach.

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Tall red haired twink Danny gets naked and jerks his cock over at BF Collection.  Danny starts wearing a cap that shows a little of his orange-red hair and a blue button down shirt.  As he takes off his shirt Danny’s slim twink body with just a slight amount of reddish fuzz in the center of his chest, a preview of one red hot hairy chest in a few years maybe?  He takes off his cap and pants revealing a big orange bush and nice semi hard cock.  Before relaxing to jerk his big dick Danny is nice enough to put his legs up and shows off his hairy legs and virgin ass, again covered with beautiful red hair.  Seeing Danny’s cum land on his stomach along side his crimson treasure trail is a fine ending indeed to one very cute and nicely hung redhead twink.  

Red haired twink Danny jerks his big cock

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Red haired New Yorker Zach jerks off for the first time on film as he “auditions” for a spot at Dirty Boy Video.  He has such a cute face with those come fuck me eyes and most importantly a head of long dark red hair.  As he takes off his black brief underwear we get a view of his nice round hairy ass.

Zach's sweet hairy ass

The underwear are off and Zach’s dick is already getting hard.  His hard cut cock is average size with a big mushroom head, his balls look shaved but we are treated with a big patch of bright red pubes.


Zach gets comfortable as he continues to stroke his hard dick and tug on his balls before shooting a big load of cum onto his chest.  His cum load is so much that he has to take a shower afterwards. 

Zack jerks off

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