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Gotta just love these hairy ginger men that keep it all.  Andro Maas is one of them with a beard, hairy chest, and pubes.  The only thing shaved on Andro is his balls and ass which Kayden gives a good licking before the fucking starts.  Andro has an average body and uncut cock but definitely likes the man sex!  He makes out with Kayden before dropping down to deep throat the dark-haired guys big dick.  Then, after some intense riming, Kayden shoves that big condom-covered cock deep up Andro’s shaved hole.  Once things loosen up a little, it’s obvious these guys love to fuck.

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muscular ginger shows his smooth ripped body and big dick

It’s been a while since I’ve been out looking for redheads of gay porn. Lucky there are some old standbys where I know new guys will be found. Chaos Men is awesome at keeping the redhead lineup growing. It was awesome seeing one of there recent additions, Brant.

Brant has a boyish face that makes him look younger than he is. His hairless chest and stomach don’t help although the nipple rings kind of give him a bad boy feel. The great part of Brant comes when he lowers his pants and underwear. He keeps his pubes trimmed but intact. I do love those red pubes! While he shaves his ball sack, his ass crack is lined with a thick crimson fuzz. He gives us a few close up views of that oh so sweet ass too. It doesn’t take much work before Brant is totally hard and the wow factor hits. If you like big dicks, Brant doesn’t disappoint!

Brant is new so he only has two scenes online so far. His second time around he gets a blowjob while tied up (edge) and shoots a huge load with a big smile on his face. lets hope that they can convince this hottie to return for some more man on man action. I’ll be waiting.


naked red haired man with hairy chest and red pubes strokes his hard cock and cums

The owner of Lavender Lounge likes redheads and knows they are a rare gem in gay porn. When his friend called to say that he had a ginger on the way over to do a porn video there wasn’t much time to set up so they started the stripping portion of the show outside in the garden. Charles blue-gray eyes look great as the sun shines down on his red hair. Charles was literally plucked off the street for this show and didn’t have time to “groom” like other guys do when they know that their stuff is going to be seen by everyone. Thank goodness! Charles has a semi hairy chest and stomach as well as those red pubes that I love so much. After doing some artistic pictures in the garden he moves inside to film his jack off video. Charles is so cute when he cocks his head back to concentrate as he strokes his dick with one hand while rubbing his balls and legs with the other. Even though he isn’t a big shooter, Charles’ cumshot is nice. The white goo makes a nice mess splattered on the red fuzz of his lower belly.

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Bluey is the slang term for gingers in Australia. I don’t recall posting any Australian men here before so Ryan Geary will be the first. (but hopefully not the last) Ryan is one of the new mates of Ben at Bentley Race and wow is this boy talented. Ryan basically has everything about a guy I like in porn: red hair, cute looks, a big cock, fun personality, and he self sucks too!

redhead jacks off along side the road

Ryan did his first scene at Bentley Race about a month ago. It is obvious that he doesn’t mind showing his dick in public as he whips it out along the side of the road. The straw hat, flannel shirt, boots, and jeans give Ryan a farm boy look and is going to really turn on you guys that love men in denim or working men. Ryan stops his SUV along side the road and tries to hitch a ride from some trucks passing by. When sticking his thumb out doesn’t catch the passer by attention he sticks something out that will; his big dick. Ryan undoes his shirt and pants to give the drivers a preview of what could be theirs if they stop. His mostly hairless body shows his lean torso off well and the white skin under his shirt is so lickable. Redheads need to be careful in the sun as their fair complexions burn easy so Ryan leaves his hat and shirt on. He doesn’t mind exposing his dick though. He pulls it out and gives it a few strokes so it’s nice and hard. Ryan strokes himself from the side of the road at first then opens the back of his truck to get comfortable and rub one out.

red haired man sucks himself off

The Bentley Race members must have liked Ryan’s outside jack off because it wasn’t too much longer that he was back at Ben’s apartment for an encore performance. Ryan semed comfortable being naked outside and totally lets loose when he is safely inside. The big smile on his face and joking attitude from start to explosive finish says it all. Ryan starts by stripping down to a pair of green Aussie Bum underwear. I didn’t notice in his first scene that Ryan has a pierced nipple and very nice biceps. Ryan’s dick is already semi hard as he pulls the briefs down. His orange-red pubes look great contrasted with the green underwear. After a bit of joking and showing off his round butt and cock Ryan grabs a Fleshjack masturbation toy and slides his thick cock in to the hilt. Ryan has a lot of fun playing with the jack off toy and posing to show off his dick. The frosting on the cake comes when Ryan sits the FleshaJack down and bends over to start licking the head of his own dick. Redheads and self suckers are my two favorites so this was awesome for me. The jack off toy and sucking himself must have done the trick because Ryan shoots a huge load of cum that sprays all the way up to his mouth and pretty much covers his chest with sweet Aussie cum.

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I know that I previously said that I wouldn’t do multiple posts of the same red haired model featured at one site but when I saw this video of James Jamesson I had to share it with you.


James is one of the regular men that appear in solo and hardcore gay sex scenes at the Next Door Studios network of 8 sites including Next Door Male where this scene is located. We’ve seen James performing with other men and even some women but this is the first time that I remember seeing him sucking himself off. If I could suck my own dick I’d do it all the time so I’m not sure why we haven’t seen him doing this before but who cares, he is doing it now. James starts looking at some straight porn magazines and jerking his big cock when the urge for more hits him. He flips over on the bed with his feet overhead and lowers his hips toward his waiting mouth. James doesn’t deep throat himself or anything but he gives the head a good licking and sucks the tip when he can. He stays in this position jerking, sucking, and licking himself right to the point where he cums.

redhead gives self facial and licks the cum

The white cum looks great in his red beard and running down his face onto the pillow below. James isn’t done servicing himself yet. Holding his cum dripping dick in hand he pulls it down for one last taste, licking the cum from the tip and swallowing it.

Members of Next Door Male get access to all of the next door sites where James has over 15 scenes online now and I’m sure more coming. Joy!

Lance Storm takes off his hat to let his long red hair down then drops his pants to let his big cock out at Male Redheads.  Even with his hat on you can see that that Lance has a beautiful head of orange-red hair and a fair freckled complexion.  Lance has a lean, pale body with no hair and pierced nipples that he likes to play with as he begins stroking his big fat veiny cock. I like that he keeps his pubes natural. They definitely are not shaved allowing a good view of the bright orange color against his fair skin.  The pictures gallery don’t include a cum shot but lots of views of this red haired hotties ass, smooth body, and close ups of that big dick with red pubes make up for it.

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