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naked red haired man with hairy chest and red pubes strokes his hard cock and cums

The owner of Lavender Lounge likes redheads and knows they are a rare gem in gay porn. When his friend called to say that he had a ginger on the way over to do a porn video there wasn’t much time to set up so they started the stripping portion of the show outside in the garden. Charles blue-gray eyes look great as the sun shines down on his red hair. Charles was literally plucked off the street for this show and didn’t have time to “groom” like other guys do when they know that their stuff is going to be seen by everyone. Thank goodness! Charles has a semi hairy chest and stomach as well as those red pubes that I love so much. After doing some artistic pictures in the garden he moves inside to film his jack off video. Charles is so cute when he cocks his head back to concentrate as he strokes his dick with one hand while rubbing his balls and legs with the other. Even though he isn’t a big shooter, Charles’ cumshot is nice. The white goo makes a nice mess splattered on the red fuzz of his lower belly.

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red haired southern twink jacks off and gives self facial

Reading the description of this scene featuring the newly discovered red haired southern twink Cord was almost like it was written just for us ginger lovers. The owner of Southern Strokes says that pale skinned red heads turn him on so he jumped all over the chance to meet this 18 year old when he spotted him on a gay hook up site. Cord is a typical horny dude who jacks off a few times a day and takes all the sex he can get so sure, he’ll jerk off for pay and the attention of admirers is a bonus.

Cord is definitely cute. Even fully dressed this is the kind of guy I’d watch at the club for hours and not get bored. Of course seeing him naked is nice too. The smile on his face is there as he starts his interview and stays right up the the messy end. Cord does have pale skin except for his flushed cheeks and little pink nipples on his mostly smooth chest. It’s a bit disappointing that this sexy ginger lad shaves his pubes so short. I’d love to bury my face right down to a crimson patch of hair on Cord’s fine cock. This young man is so horned up when he does this video that his cock is already semi hard when he pulls his underwear down and it stays hard or mostly hard throughout. Cord is going along like most solo gay porn videos, he shows us his ass, plays with his balls, and continues to stroke his cock in a few positions but then does something that I really love to watch. Cord flips over on the sofa so that his feet are over the back and head hanging down so he can jerk his load onto his face. Cord isn’t big enough or flexible enough to suck his own cock but he doesn’t need to be. As you can see in the picture above, Cord shoots an explosive cumshot that sends streams of white jizz towards his open mouth. The cum comes and comes and comes covering his face and upper chest with goo. Cord was fun to watch but my favorite part had to be the end when he turns to us covered in cum and smiles. Yes, he had a good time!

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The first time I seen the new redhead, Conner at Broke Straight Boys was the end of November. Like most of the first timers at BSB, Conner did an interview video with a jack off and cum shot. Conner is a mid west farm boy that up until recently didn’t have a clue that as a straight guy, could make money doing gay porn. Conner had little trouble getting hard and stroking his dick on camera.Conner is an average looking guy with pale skin, a few tattoos, a smooth body, and short red pubes that are nearly shaved off but still visible. The mild acne on his face may be a turn off to some, I think it makes him more real; like a guy you’d meet on the street. His friendly smile and blue eyes along with his red hair would be enough to do it for me.

redhead farmboy jerks his ginger cock

Conner Gives

Since his jerk off scene in November, Conner has been back to Broke Straight Boys five times. The owners of Broke Straight Boys were nice enough to let me into their members area to grab a few pictures for use here. There were so many to choose from that I picked my favorite two to share here. The first is a scene that was added December 15th and involves Conner fucking another straight boy regular, Colin. What I like best about this video involves two things. First, Conner is letting his awesomely red pubes grow out and I love guys with naturally red pubes. Don’t shave those Conner! Secondly is that Conner is getting more confident and even a little cocky in front of the camera. That confidence shows through in his sex and fun. Conner goes right to it sucking Colin’s dick and then flipping him over to fuck him. During the scene Conner looks relaxed and even has fun a few times joking around. Gotta love a guy that can joke around while fucking a stranger.

redhead gets blown by a guy then fucks him in the butt

Conner Takes

Since his jerk off video Conner has been busy sucking guys cocks and fucking a few men in the butt. He hasn’t been the bottom until now. The second scene that caught my attention was with Jimmy. Jimmy is one of the men at Broke Straight Boys that has a way easing newbies into getting fucked. He continues to work his magic on Conner in this scene. Jimmy and Conner get naked and take turns sucking each others dick for a while. Once Jimmy feels that Conner is relaxed enough, he gets the ginger boy on all fours and moves behind to enter him doggy style. It takes some time but Conner eventually loosens up enough for Jimmy to really give it to him good. He flips Conner onto his side and back to continue pounding his sweet straight boy ass. Even though watching Conner getting fucked was fun, my favorite part of this scene was definitely when Conner cums. Seeing him all pumped and sweaty while he jerks a thick load onto his stomach was hot! After he cums his wet semi hard cock lays back against his stomach pointing to a pool of white cum. His spent cock and cum puddle are awesome as Jimmy strokes his own load to add to the mix.

red haired guy takes a cock up his ass for the first time

Conner cums at Broke Straight Boys

You can see a preview video of Conner getting a blowjob as well as other Broke Straight Boy redheads here.


naked ginger lad Clint Hardwood shows his smooth body and rock hard cock

Shortly after finding Chris (another redhead from Buzz West) in 2009 the site stopped updating and subsequently, I stopped visiting. It was too bad because I love the amateur ginger men best. Sure the porn stars like Blu Kennedy, James Jamesson, or Ric McCoy are nice to watch and no doubt they look awesome but there is just something about a regular guy that anyone could meet on the street that really gets my juices flowing. About a month ago I received an e-mail from Chris saying that BW updated their site, changed the tour, and were adding southern California amateurs weekly again. Because things have been so busy with my regular job I have not had much time to visit but damn; I should have!

Since BW has begun updating again they have added four very nice red haired men that get naked, jerk off, and shower for us. That is kind of the format there. The guys do an interview and either jack off or get a massage with a happy ending, then take a shower. The shower part is my second favorite part about the site. Sex in the shower and seeing water running down the pale or freckled skin of a redhead instantly gets me hard. Yes, swim class in high school with a big dicked redhead boy named Brad made shower time very difficult for me but still brings me fondest memories of my teen years. Anyway, with four new guys to choose from it was a hard choice to decide which one to post here first. You readers enjoyed Alan Parish in the shower so much that I chose the cute ginger twink seen above, Clint Hardwood.

First let me start by saying that Clint Hardwood is obviously NOT his real name. The tattoo on his chest that says “Davidson Family” is the first give away and very few porn models ever use their real names for safety reasons. Mostly to avoid stalkers like me that would follow them to the gym. <joke> I think that Clint should have called himself Cute Ginger Lad. It would be more descriptive. After all, he is cute and a ginger. Even though Clint plays sports for his college he isn’t built enough to be a jock and his boyish face and chest lack any hair so lad fits him well.  Specifically, Clint plays baseball and all the running shows in his thin body and amazing round ass. For a straight guy, Clint doesn’t mind showing it off either. My only complaint about Clint is that he trims his pubes too short. Trimmed pubes look okay on other guys but rarely on a redhead. I think if you have it you should show it off. Pubes aside, Clint has a nice cock with a slight curve that would fit perfect down my throat in a 69 position. We get plenty of good close up shots of his hard cock as he changes from a kneeling to reclined position on the bed. Clint isn’t too loud or vocal as he jerks off but does let loose a little as he starts to cum and gets talkative again as he moves to the shower. You gotta love hot guys that talk to you in the shower, right?

use this link to visit Buzz West

Check out Clint (10/28/11), Devin (11/1/11), Jon (10/4/11), Big Red (7/12/11) and let me know who you want to see here next. With these new updates and an obvious appreciation for the reds, I’m adding Buzz West to my list of Best For Reds section. If you read this Buzz, keep them cumming!


uncut redhead Thomas Graca sucking cock and getting fucked by Ivan Cakovsky

Tattooed Czech jock Ivan Cakovsky is naked and jerking his uncut cock on the sofa when his redhead room mate Thomas Graca comes home. Thomas stands back in the doorway to watch his sexy friend wank. Thomas’ own juices start to flow and blood pumps into his own cock. Before long, Thomas has his shirt off and jeans lowered to stroke himself as he watches Ivan. Ivan isn’t totally oblivious to what is going on around him and walks over to see Thomas jacking off while watching him. The dark haired guy gets on his knees in front of the ginger to take his growing cock into his mouth. It doesn’t take but a few seconds and Thomas is rock hard too. Thomas pushes his long dick all the way into Ivan’s mouth until only the trimmed bed or red-orange pubes and low hanging balls can be seen. Ivan gets Thomas out of his clothes and the two horny European men move to the bedroom to finish things off in this scene online at Bad Puppy.

Thomas returns the oral pleasures to his inked buddy going to town on his dick first then giving him a long rimming that looks awesome. With all the time that Thomas spends licking Ivan’s ass I thought for sure that we would be seeing Thomas shove his big ginger dick up Ivan’s butt except that isn’t the case. Thomas moves onto his hands and knees with ass up as Ivan stands off the bed and puts on a condom. The boyz fuck in a number of positions with Thomas as bottom throughout. Thomas takes it doggy style, goes for a ride, and ends up on his side with Ivan fucking him from behind. Thomas’ big floppy cock stays semi hard as he gets rammed hard and fast. In their last position Ivan reaches around to lend a hand as both get close to cumming. Thomas loves the feeling of dick in his butt and shoots his load onto his white belly. Ivan pulls out and moves up to Thomas’ head to jerk his load directly into his mouth. Although we get to see plenty of Thomas’ red mane and orange pubes throughout the scene, watching Ivan bust his nut into the ginger boy’s open mouth was the best part for me. Seeing this red haired guys face and belly covered in cum was a great ending to an already good scene.

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This week we had some British people visiting the office. As I was at dinner one night my mind began to go back to my last visit to the UK and all the red haired skater boys that were hanging out in a parking lot one afternoon. After that trip I looked at some gay British porn sites for more English redheads and found a few at two amateur sites UK Scally Lads and Blake Mason. The pictures on the tours were not that good for sharing here so little attention was paid except to Shayne. Driving home from dinner I realized that I had not checked out either site in a while so made a mental note to do so when I got home. I’m glad that I did because both sites had some new cute red haired lads for me to drool over. The one that really got my attention was Sammy K at Blake Mason.


redhead British twink

Sammy appeared at Blake Mason shortly after his 18th birthday. In his interview he debut jack off video he is visibly excited about what he is doing. He talks about himself very easy telling us that he is openly gay and primarily likes to bottom when he has sex but can top too. After seeing how big his uncut dick is I bet there are a lot of guys that would love to have Sammy top them. As he pulls his shirt up we get to see his belly covered with a light coat of red fuzz. His chest has a hint of hair that I’m guessing will come in nice over the next few years to give Sammy a nice coat red fur. When he drops his shorts it was awesome. Not only does Sammy keep his wonderful red-orange pubes intact but his dick was already semi hard and growing as well. With only a few strokes it was at a full 7.5 inches (19 cm) with the head blushing deep red from the pulsing flow of blood.

Sammy’s jack off video was kind of nice to watch as we get plenty of close ups of his face, balls, ass, and big hard cock. As Sammy mentioned in his interview though, he’s a horny gay boy and ready for some sex. Lucky us that the UK is small compared to other countries and the trip down from Nottingham is worth it for him. Sammy made his way back to the Blake Mason flat for a few more sex sessions since. Notably with Jack, JP, and Luke D who are all shown in the picture below. Sammy’s most recent scene with a young black guy named Greg is online as well but I could only choose so many so….

redhead British guy sucks dick and fucks

As you can see, Sammy does it all. Nearly every scene starts with some kissing and heavy petting as the British men get undressed and move into the dick sucking and fucking that follows. Sammy did say he was primary passive and it shows in all his scenes except the one with Greg. Sammy is as skilled a cocksucker as a bottom. Some of the guys he sucks are as big or bigger than him but pose little problem. Even 69ing with a big curved cock doesn’t cause the slightest gag or cough. Be careful if you ever get to hook up with him though. When the fucking starts he gets pretty vocal. I like a little feedback when having sex and wow does Sammy give it telling his hung top partners to slam his ass harder. Again a very nice thing about Sammy is that he stays hard while getting fucked. You gotta love a gay guy that gets harder with a cock up his butt. Especially one with cute looks, lean body, and beautiful red hair like Sammy. Damn I’ve got to get back to UK next year.

see it all at Blake Mason