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This week we had some British people visiting the office. As I was at dinner one night my mind began to go back to my last visit to the UK and all the red haired skater boys that were hanging out in a parking lot one afternoon. After that trip I looked at some gay British porn sites for more English redheads and found a few at two amateur sites UK Scally Lads and Blake Mason. The pictures on the tours were not that good for sharing here so little attention was paid except to Shayne. Driving home from dinner I realized that I had not checked out either site in a while so made a mental note to do so when I got home. I’m glad that I did because both sites had some new cute red haired lads for me to drool over. The one that really got my attention was Sammy K at Blake Mason.


redhead British twink

Sammy appeared at Blake Mason shortly after his 18th birthday. In his interview he debut jack off video he is visibly excited about what he is doing. He talks about himself very easy telling us that he is openly gay and primarily likes to bottom when he has sex but can top too. After seeing how big his uncut dick is I bet there are a lot of guys that would love to have Sammy top them. As he pulls his shirt up we get to see his belly covered with a light coat of red fuzz. His chest has a hint of hair that I’m guessing will come in nice over the next few years to give Sammy a nice coat red fur. When he drops his shorts it was awesome. Not only does Sammy keep his wonderful red-orange pubes intact but his dick was already semi hard and growing as well. With only a few strokes it was at a full 7.5 inches (19 cm) with the head blushing deep red from the pulsing flow of blood.

Sammy’s jack off video was kind of nice to watch as we get plenty of close ups of his face, balls, ass, and big hard cock. As Sammy mentioned in his interview though, he’s a horny gay boy and ready for some sex. Lucky us that the UK is small compared to other countries and the trip down from Nottingham is worth it for him. Sammy made his way back to the Blake Mason flat for a few more sex sessions since. Notably with Jack, JP, and Luke D who are all shown in the picture below. Sammy’s most recent scene with a young black guy named Greg is online as well but I could only choose so many so….

redhead British guy sucks dick and fucks

As you can see, Sammy does it all. Nearly every scene starts with some kissing and heavy petting as the British men get undressed and move into the dick sucking and fucking that follows. Sammy did say he was primary passive and it shows in all his scenes except the one with Greg. Sammy is as skilled a cocksucker as a bottom. Some of the guys he sucks are as big or bigger than him but pose little problem. Even 69ing with a big curved cock doesn’t cause the slightest gag or cough. Be careful if you ever get to hook up with him though. When the fucking starts he gets pretty vocal. I like a little feedback when having sex and wow does Sammy give it telling his hung top partners to slam his ass harder. Again a very nice thing about Sammy is that he stays hard while getting fucked. You gotta love a gay guy that gets harder with a cock up his butt. Especially one with cute looks, lean body, and beautiful red hair like Sammy. Damn I’ve got to get back to UK next year.

see it all at Blake Mason



So You Think You Can Fuck

So You Think You Can Fuck season two started last night and will update weekly for the next 9 weeks. The gay porn reality show features models from the Dominic Ford lineup of very hot men. The guys compete with each other for points and a winner of the contest will be announced on the final episode. Each week a new xxx rated sex scene will stream and be critiqued by the panel of judges. Viewers then cast online votes for their favorite and a winner will be crowned the final show.

Ric McCoy

Ric McCoy the uncut ginger posing nakedRic McCoy: the uncut ginger (seen at 2:29 in the video above) is obviously my favorite to win. All the competitors are great so he will need the help of us ginger lovers if he is to remain competitive for all 9 weeks. Nonmembers can vote once a day for their favorite model but member’s declared favorite get 500 bonus points.

One of the things about this show that is so cool is that it comes to us from gay porn studio Dominic Ford. They are the people who film their scenes in 3D and even provide glasses required when members sign up. There is something so cool about watching cumshots in 3D. Not everyone likes the 3D effect or wants to wait to have the required glasses delivered in the mail so a normal HD version of each video is available as well.

Discount Code: SOYOUTHINK

The “So You Think You Can Fuck” reality show will run for approximately three months. If you use this link to visit the site and enter the code SOYOUTHINK in the discount code box on the sign up page you get a fourth month included for the price of three. Whether you join to see the sex scenes or simply watch the PG rated versions, lets show ginger Ric the love and be sure to give him our votes.


When webmasters with similar sites ask to be friends of Naked Redhead Men I like to look around and see what they do. While looking around a friends big dick blog I saw a picture of a red haired man with a crimson beard, plenty of chest hair, red-orange pubes, and a 10 inch uncut cock. His name is Tim Kruger and he (shown below) is the main guy that the site “Tim Tales” is named after. So, basically there are now 3 sites I add to my list of first to go to for redheads. As the site follows Tim and his sexual adventures as he travels the world, there are plenty of videos and pictures of hairy redhead Tim as well as other guys with big dicks.

big dicked and hairy redhead Tim Kruger

Tattooed Ginger Kennedy Carter

tattooed ginger Kennedy Carter poses naked with fellow redhead Ruben

While previewing the Tim Tales tour the first ginger lad that caught my attention was this hot stud Kennedy Carter. He is even more ginger than Tim and, depending on what you like in your men, even hotter. Kennedy is a lean young man with buzzed red hair, a scruffy face, a nice tattoo collection, and a nice 8 inch uncut dick. Kennedy appears in a video exclusive with Tim but it was this (mostly) solo set that really turned me on. His face reminds me a little of Seth Green in his younger days. Something about the shape and smile. I’d certainly talk to him even before seeing him undressed. Kennedy does a sexy strip show. We get to see his hairy red haired pits as he lifts his shirt. His smooth chest is slightly contrasted with a fuzzy belly. There is already no doubt of Kennedy’s true ginger status from his beard and arm pits but when he starts to lower his pants we see the top of his red pubes proving beyond a doubt that the rug DOES match the curtains. Kennedy is so yummy showing off his athletic body, ass, and cock. I would have been satisfied simply watching him get off. As Kennedy starts rubbing his cock his partner Ruben shows up to join in. A bonus, Ruben is red haired too! Not with the pubes that I love so much and certainly not as cute but I’d trade places with him in this scene in a heartbeat. The guys have a little fun posing naked with each other before Ruben goes down to satisfy Kenny by sucking his dick and rimming him. I have not been inside to see the full video yet so don’t know what happens beyond this. Feel free to comment if you seen the video and let the rest of us know what happens next.

tour Tim Tales for more big dicked redheads


Bluey is the slang term for gingers in Australia. I don’t recall posting any Australian men here before so Ryan Geary will be the first. (but hopefully not the last) Ryan is one of the new mates of Ben at Bentley Race and wow is this boy talented. Ryan basically has everything about a guy I like in porn: red hair, cute looks, a big cock, fun personality, and he self sucks too!

redhead jacks off along side the road

Ryan did his first scene at Bentley Race about a month ago. It is obvious that he doesn’t mind showing his dick in public as he whips it out along the side of the road. The straw hat, flannel shirt, boots, and jeans give Ryan a farm boy look and is going to really turn on you guys that love men in denim or working men. Ryan stops his SUV along side the road and tries to hitch a ride from some trucks passing by. When sticking his thumb out doesn’t catch the passer by attention he sticks something out that will; his big dick. Ryan undoes his shirt and pants to give the drivers a preview of what could be theirs if they stop. His mostly hairless body shows his lean torso off well and the white skin under his shirt is so lickable. Redheads need to be careful in the sun as their fair complexions burn easy so Ryan leaves his hat and shirt on. He doesn’t mind exposing his dick though. He pulls it out and gives it a few strokes so it’s nice and hard. Ryan strokes himself from the side of the road at first then opens the back of his truck to get comfortable and rub one out.

red haired man sucks himself off

The Bentley Race members must have liked Ryan’s outside jack off because it wasn’t too much longer that he was back at Ben’s apartment for an encore performance. Ryan semed comfortable being naked outside and totally lets loose when he is safely inside. The big smile on his face and joking attitude from start to explosive finish says it all. Ryan starts by stripping down to a pair of green Aussie Bum underwear. I didn’t notice in his first scene that Ryan has a pierced nipple and very nice biceps. Ryan’s dick is already semi hard as he pulls the briefs down. His orange-red pubes look great contrasted with the green underwear. After a bit of joking and showing off his round butt and cock Ryan grabs a Fleshjack masturbation toy and slides his thick cock in to the hilt. Ryan has a lot of fun playing with the jack off toy and posing to show off his dick. The frosting on the cake comes when Ryan sits the FleshaJack down and bends over to start licking the head of his own dick. Redheads and self suckers are my two favorites so this was awesome for me. The jack off toy and sucking himself must have done the trick because Ryan shoots a huge load of cum that sprays all the way up to his mouth and pretty much covers his chest with sweet Aussie cum.

watch both of Ryan’s videos at Bentley Race


It has been a while since I’ve updated this blog and for that, I am sorry. It isn’t because of lack of sexy red haired men on the web, it is simply because I have been very busy with work stuff and running this site is a hobby. I love redheads and sharing them here. Back in March I posted a mega update of redheads at Chaos Men. There were a number of hot guys there and it deserved a big chunk of space on the first page of Naked Redhead Men. The same is going to happen now:

Webmaster know where their visitors come from and keep track. The visitors from Naked Redhead Men have caught the attention of Jason, the owner of Spunkworthy. He has e-mailed me recently to say, hey – I have added a few gingers to my site lately and sent along a bunch of hi res pics for me to share with you. So, lets take a look at two of the hot amateur redheads that Jason has added recently at Spunkworthy: Wade and Andrew.

Wade Debuts With a Handjob

red haired marine gets a handjob

Wade is a 20 year old marine from a southern town that is now stationed in southern California. His polite southern upbringing shines as he does his interview and openly talks about his sex life. The most he’s ever done with another guy was a three way where him and a buddy double fucked a girl. He is ready now for his porn video debut and is already semi hard as he lowers his pants. As Wade opens his button fly jeans and pulls down his underwear we get a look at a nice bush of bright red pubes that matches his awesome red mane. As Wade jerks his dick Jason moves in to take a feel. Wade doesn’t flinch or back away so Jason continues the masturbation session for him and works a nice load from Wades hard cock. In the end, Wade says that having a guy get him off wasn’t too bad and he’s game to come back for more. As you’ll see in a minute, he does come back and looks just as good getting blown.

Hairy Chested Redhead – Andrew

hairy chested redhead jerks his big uncut cock

Spunkworthy members have asked Jason for more redheads, hairy chested men, and uncut cocks. Andrew is the answer to all those and more! This tall and lean college student was visiting the San Diego area with some friends while on spring break. Like most young men, Andrew has frequently thought about a job in porn and while he would prefer to be fucking a girl, getting paid to jerk off isn’t too bad either. Andrew is very nervous and has a permanent smile on his face from start to end. As Andrew gets naked we get to see the lush bed of red fur covering his chest and ripped abs. There is one word that comes to mind looking at Andrew’s hairy body – WOOF! With such a hairy chest I was hoping that he would have natural pubes as well and Andrew didn’t disappoint. Lots of men in porn shave their pubes to make their cock look bigger but as an amateur and having a naturally big dick means that Andrew can keep thing natural. Andrew has a little trouble getting hard at first but as he relaxes and jacks, his dick grows and grows to a nice length. Even as long as hard cock gets, there is plenty of foreskin that slides back and forth across the head as Andrew jerks off.

Wade Returns For A Blowjob

straight redhead gets gay blowjob

Jason is sooo lucky! Not only does he get Wade to agree to come back for another video at Spunkworthy but he also convinces Wade to get his first blowjob from another guy. Like many of you, I would have offered to blow this hot marine for free. There is something special about being the first to get a straight man off and the way that Wade lets Jason rub his chest and and feel his smooth body while sucking him off makes this video all that much hotter.

Redhead Men at Spunk Worthy

prince Harry look alike has gay sex at nightclub

With all the hoopla over Prince William’s wedding there have been a lot of pictures online of William and Harry. Personally, I think Prince Harry is way hotter and very sexy. I had to take a second look and then smiled my ass off when I came across this scene featuring Dillon Brooks and Fran at Fresh SX. At first glance Dillon looks like Harry with the red hair, sexy body, and big 9 inch dick. Dillon gets the royal treatment too.

Fran spots Dillon at a gay club in London and is immediately attracted to the suite wearing stud. After some brief chat they move to a more “private area” to get to know each other better. If you’re into shoes the next part is going to drive you nuts… Dillon has Fran start by licking his shoes. Fran does as he is told and sticks his tongue out to clean Dillon’s feet. The bulge in Dillon’s pants is more noticeable to me as well as Fran who moves up to take the semi hard piece of meat out and continue the oral worshiping. Fran licks and sucks Dillon’s uncut cock until it is fully hard and throbbing. The summary says that Dillon has a 9 inch cock which makes watching Fran deep throat it all that much more exciting. Fran gets naked while Dillon unbuttons his shirt and loosens his tie in preparation for the fucking about to begin. I was slightly disappointed that Dillon leaves the shirt on because he has a nice upper body with a semi hairy chest and stomach. It would have been awesome to see more of his red chest hair as he screws Fran in a few position. Shirt or not, the anal probing Dillon gives to Fran is long and deep. Dillon fucks his new sex buddy in at least three positions but my personal favorite is Fran riding him in a face to face position. If I was getting fucked by Dillon I’d want to see him so that works for me!

watch the full video now at Fresh SX