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I’m always on the lookout for new redheads to post on Naked Redhead Men. Sometimes I receive e-mails from friends with links to sites with a red haired model but can’t post them because I don’t have permission from the site owner and sometimes the guys are questionable reds. The latter is the case with the guy shown above. Ricardo Monthy is a recent model to appear at Bad Puppy that two people have brought to my attention. The issue is that I’m not sure if he’s a real redhead or not. Ricardo’s head hair and facial scruff has a definite reddish hue to it when the light is right but his chest hair and too short pubes look more brunette to me. Ginger or not, if you like hairy chested guys with uncut cock you’re likely to enjoy Ricardo’s pictures and video online at Bad Puppy. Check out Ricardo’s preview page at Bad Puppy and leave a comment to explain if guys like Ricardo are red enough to light your fire.

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I was in awe at all the gingers walking the streets and hanging out skating in the strip mall parking lot the last time I was visiting a small town outside London a few summers ago. The skinny shirtless skaters were cute and fun to watch but someone like Mario would be worth going home with! He is six feet three inches of red hotness on feet. I knew that his jerk off video at Hard Brit Lads was going to be good as soon as Mario takes off his shirt and starts rubbing his massive chest and ripped abs. His body is mostly smooth with a thin crimson trail of barely noticeable hair running from his navel down into his shorts. Mario doesn’t talk much but has a sexy look and a seriousness about him as he rubs some oil across his torso before moving his hand down to his shorts to pump up his cock. Mario takes his thick hard dick out the side of his shorts to give us a look then lowers them to the floor and gets back to work stroking his uncut 7 inch cock. The camera moves in nice and close to give us a look at his trimmed red bush and long cock. Mario slides the foreskin back and forth slowly over the head until precum starts to ooze from the tip. His hand moves faster and his breathing gets faster as he gets ready to cum. Mario lets his man juice fall right to floor and you can hear it splatter. I would have liked to see the jizz across his belly or across my face. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Just around the time of posting pictures of Evan another red hot red headed jock appeared on my radar. His name is Rick McCoy and he had just done a jack off video for College Dudes (formally College Dudes 247). Rick is a perfect addition to College Dudes with his lean, young, jock body. Even with all the hot cock jacking and ass fingering in the preview video above, my favorite part is when he lifts his shirt and those awesome 6 pack abs become visible moving up to his muscular pecs. Rick thinks that his chest is his best body part but trouble thinking of one part and I agree. Rick is great all over!

I must not have been the only one who liked Rick because a few weeks later he was back doing a duo scene with a College Dudes regular, Jerry Ford. Rick starts things displaying his ability to suck and deep throat cock. Rick gives Jerry a good sucking as he takes off his shorts and starts stroking himself. Jerry’s cock is covered with Rick’s saliva and ready for something a little tighter so Jerry bends Rick over a stool to rim his sweet ass. Even with all the close up ass shots in the first video, Rick’s behind hasn’t looked so good as it does while Jerry rims him. With plenty of spit and lube Jerry slides his dick all the way up Rick’s butt and begins an intense fucking. From the counter top, to the stool and even standing Jerry plows the red haired jock’s butt. Rick looks like he enjoys taking Jerry’s cock as much as I enjoyed watching him do it. There is no doubt that Rick is a good bottom.

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Jerry Ford rims and fucks redhead jock Rick McCoy

Danny Harper’s full HD video is online now

Randy Blue has the most amazing men and timing. As always, I was looking for some new red haired men to “entertain me” when right there on the front page is this ginger muscle stud, Danny Harper. Is this guy hot or what? He has a masculine face with deep dark eyes and a 5 o’clock scruff of dark red hair and a hell of a body. It’s appropriate that Danny does his jack off video in a weight room and lifts some dumbbells to get pumped up before pumping his hard cock. From the looks of his ripped body; Danny is no stranger to the gym or hard work. Danny’s muscular chest and 6 pack abs are covered with a light coating of hair that is perfect. The hair makes him look butch but doesn’t obscure the view of his underlying muscle definition or eye popping nipples like Blu Kennedy sports in his older videos. I was already excited watching Danny lifting weights in his tight blue shorts but when he starts rubbing himself and takes off his shorts to display his tight ass from the back end of a sexy black jock strap… hmmm my juices were flowing! Danny plays with his butt briefly then lowers the jock to give us a great view of his hard cock with a nice bush of trimmed red pubes.   While the hair on his head and body are dark, his crotch hair is pale orange leaving absolutely no doubt that he is a natural redhead. After ogling his orange pubes, my eyes moved to Danny’s dick which in its hard state fits his hard body perfectly. It’s no big secret that I tend to gravitate towards the tattooed twink types but wow; from his carrot top down to his furry legs and big feet, Danny Harper is so damn hot! Danny is an awesome addition to the stable of 14 other red haired men that get off at Randy Blue.

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Yet another cute 18 year old redheaded boy is to be found at HM Boys. As Vadik stands wearing black dress pants and a pressed plain white tee he doesn’t look like a ginger. As he lifts his shirt over his head to start his jerk off session you can see that he is pure twink. Vadik has a very thin body with no hair visible on his chest or stomach. When he drops his pants and pulls his underwear out revealing his pubes it becomes very clear that this boy is a real readhead! Vadik has some of the reddest pubes I have seen in a while. And, unlike other younger men in porn, Vadik doesn’t shave or trim his dick hair so we get to see all that red bush in full bloom. Vadik does some artistic posing to show off his smooth body and ass then lays back to stroke his uncut cock.

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Like your redheads young, lean, and limber? Than red haired twink Kamyk from Alex Boys is the guy for you. I recently found Kamyk while looking for guys who can self suck and was double pleased when I seen that he is also a redhead. Looking at his dark red top I thought “it’s dyed” but closer inspection of his short, trimmed pubes placed a bit of hope into my mind. Actually, with red haired gay porn stars getting harder to find by the day, I don’t care if he is a real red or not. This boy is cute as hell, has reddish hair in both of his scenes, and self sucks his uncut twink cock. Check out Kamyk at Alex Boys and let me know what you think in the comments section.

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