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Gotta just love these hairy ginger men that keep it all.  Andro Maas is one of them with a beard, hairy chest, and pubes.  The only thing shaved on Andro is his balls and ass which Kayden gives a good licking before the fucking starts.  Andro has an average body and uncut cock but definitely likes the man sex!  He makes out with Kayden before dropping down to deep throat the dark-haired guys big dick.  Then, after some intense riming, Kayden shoves that big condom-covered cock deep up Andro’s shaved hole.  Once things loosen up a little, it’s obvious these guys love to fuck.

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Michael Red - naked massage hand job

Michael Red is a muscular guy in bad need of a rub down.  The oil looks great being spread across his smooth chest and broad shoulders and even better as it’s slathered all over his ass and growing uncut cock.  The photographer gives us plenty of close up views every step of the way so if your into arm pits, abs, uncut dick, asses, of hand jobs – you’re going to love this video.  After Michael’s chest and abs are rubbed the underwear come off for the happy part to begin.  The masseur spends a lot of time rubbing Michael’s butt and Michael must like it because his dick gets hard and he moans with pleasure.  Michael flips onto his knees with his ass in the air, allowing the lucky masseur to continue working his ass and reach around to start stroking his throbbing cock.  After milking every drop of cum from Michael’s spent dick the redhead jock moves to the shower where he lets us watch him rinse off.

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redhead twink with ripped body and fat dick

As I was browsing Bad Puppy yesterday I noticed that the last model had a cute face with dick sucking lips and a red tinge to his hair. Even a dyed redhead does it for me so of course I clicked to see more of Wes. I’m glad that I did. This 19 year old Californian is one hot looking red haired twink. Or maybe he’s a jock. With his boyish looks, thin body, and near lack of body hair Wes could easily be called a twink. His job as a personal trainer means that he gets paid to help people look and feel their best and most likely gives him free access to the best equipment. You can see from his defined shoulders down to his ripped abs that he works out himself. Even his ass looks awesome. The line running down the midline of his abdominal 6 pack goes to his belly where a light line of reddish fur forms a trail leading to a trimmed bush of red pubes. It looks like Wes shaves his balls but there is a hint of hair between his legs and surrounding his pink butt hole. Wes does a number of poses for his 69 picture photo gallery and a brief interview as he strips naked for his 17 minute jack off video. The video work is amateur and shot in a hotel room someplace. Personally, I love amateur porn so the shaky camera didn’t bother me. It actually makes thing more exciting for me thinking that I could be the one doing videos like this someday. Wes strokes his dick until it is fully hard. Like the rest of him, his cock does not fail to impress. This young man has a nice thick dick with a big mushroom head. It may not be overly long but looks very nice on his thin body. Looking even better is the pool of white cum running across his dark skin and red pubes after he cums.

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uncut redhead Thomas Graca sucking cock and getting fucked by Ivan Cakovsky

Tattooed Czech jock Ivan Cakovsky is naked and jerking his uncut cock on the sofa when his redhead room mate Thomas Graca comes home. Thomas stands back in the doorway to watch his sexy friend wank. Thomas’ own juices start to flow and blood pumps into his own cock. Before long, Thomas has his shirt off and jeans lowered to stroke himself as he watches Ivan. Ivan isn’t totally oblivious to what is going on around him and walks over to see Thomas jacking off while watching him. The dark haired guy gets on his knees in front of the ginger to take his growing cock into his mouth. It doesn’t take but a few seconds and Thomas is rock hard too. Thomas pushes his long dick all the way into Ivan’s mouth until only the trimmed bed or red-orange pubes and low hanging balls can be seen. Ivan gets Thomas out of his clothes and the two horny European men move to the bedroom to finish things off in this scene online at Bad Puppy.

Thomas returns the oral pleasures to his inked buddy going to town on his dick first then giving him a long rimming that looks awesome. With all the time that Thomas spends licking Ivan’s ass I thought for sure that we would be seeing Thomas shove his big ginger dick up Ivan’s butt except that isn’t the case. Thomas moves onto his hands and knees with ass up as Ivan stands off the bed and puts on a condom. The boyz fuck in a number of positions with Thomas as bottom throughout. Thomas takes it doggy style, goes for a ride, and ends up on his side with Ivan fucking him from behind. Thomas’ big floppy cock stays semi hard as he gets rammed hard and fast. In their last position Ivan reaches around to lend a hand as both get close to cumming. Thomas loves the feeling of dick in his butt and shoots his load onto his white belly. Ivan pulls out and moves up to Thomas’ head to jerk his load directly into his mouth. Although we get to see plenty of Thomas’ red mane and orange pubes throughout the scene, watching Ivan bust his nut into the ginger boy’s open mouth was the best part for me. Seeing this red haired guys face and belly covered in cum was a great ending to an already good scene.

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hairy chested redhead poses naked with hard uncut cock

I’m always on the lookout for new redheads to post on Naked Redhead Men. Sometimes I receive e-mails from friends with links to sites with a red haired model but can’t post them because I don’t have permission from the site owner and sometimes the guys are questionable reds. The latter is the case with the guy shown above. Ricardo Monthy is a recent model to appear at Bad Puppy that two people have brought to my attention. The issue is that I’m not sure if he’s a real redhead or not. Ricardo’s head hair and facial scruff has a definite reddish hue to it when the light is right but his chest hair and too short pubes look more brunette to me. Ginger or not, if you like hairy chested guys with uncut cock you’re likely to enjoy Ricardo’s pictures and video online at Bad Puppy. Check out Ricardo’s preview page at Bad Puppy and leave a comment to explain if guys like Ricardo are red enough to light your fire.

Naked ginger lad Philip Hunters cock stands at attention

Philip Hunter is a redhead gem I found in the Badpuppy archives of original models. As Philip relaxes in his office he smiles big for the camera and starts to get undressed. He shows off his ass and bulging underwear while standing in front of a large window. When Philip lowers his shorts there is no doubt that red is this boys natural color. With flaming orange pubes that perfectly match his head it is easy to miss Philips other characteristics like a lean smooth body with nice flat abs, a tight round ass, and a cute boyish face. There is also the point that this ginger lads cock doesn’t stay soft for long and when it gets hard, it really gets hard. Philip’s cock stands out from his body hairy ball sac when semi hard and points right towards the ceiling when he is fully erect. All the time playing with his ass and stroking his rock hard dick Philip has a big smile on his face. He is really enjoying himself. Philip relaxes in a leather chair and jerks his hard cock until he shoots a creamy load onto his stomach and red burning bush.

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