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Luc Dean is a regular at Bentley Race.  This time he brought his friend, Rory Delroy, along for fun and we gingerphiles are glad that he did.  Rory seems to be having a fun time playing along with Luc – making out, and some over the clothes rubbing and humping.  For all of you that write asking to see more men with glasses, Rory leaves his glasses on through the entire video. Even with his bright red beard, it’s surprising when Luc lifts his shirt to reveal a hairy chest and a happy trail that leads from his belly down to Rory’s untrimmed bush.  The kissing and sexual horseplay lead to some all on sex that includes back and forth dick sucking and Rory getting his sweet ass screwed.  Let’s all hope that Rory becomes a new regular.

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A few weeks ago I received a very nice e-mail from Ben at Bentley Race. He knows that I have a thing for redheads and self suckers. He was very friendly and pointed me towards a few guys on his amateur Aussie men site to share here at Naked Redhead Men. The model that Ben specifically mentioned was Ryan Geary for obvious reasons. He is both a ginger and a self sucker. As I looked deeper into Bentley Race I found another guy that quickly caught my attention named Leon Hardie.

Leon is a trifecta of: red hair, nice uncut cock, and a wild man in bed. He would be a perfecta if he could self suck or had a lot of tattoos. I do like guys a little on the wild side even though I am very vanilla myself. There is probably a psychology reason for this but that’s a whole another story. Back to Leon! The bright red hair in a kind of wide Mohawk style is very eye catching. His freckled chest & shoulders along with a lean body and red fur running down his ripped tummy had me excited even before he dropped his pants. Seeing him pose outside in an alleyway with his skate board is very hot.

Red haired skater poses with his uncut cock out on his board

Leon pulls his blue briefs down to his knees exposing his soft uncut cock. There is plenty of foreskin hanging from the end and thank Dog, he keeps his pubes! Yes, they are trimmed pretty short but obviously there and glowing as bright as the hair on his head and running down his lean stomach. He looks yummy. His smooth shaved scrotum is so lickable. I’m not big into the pissing thing but if you are, Leon does pee on the brick wall before he starts stroking to get hard for the picture you see above.

Leon has more than 10 picture galleries and videos in the Bentley Race members area including a hot sex scene with Lucas.  The guys look great together in their Aussie Bum underwear and in wrestling singlets. The guys do some poses together making out then Leon gets the sex started by going down on Lucas. He sucks the dark haired man’s dick from a few interesting positions as the actions heats up.

Mohawk redhead sucks dark haired guys dick

Leon is getting a little wild with the dick sucking but really gets into it when he turns his ass over to Lucas for a hardcore fucking. The lean redhead’s body tightens up and his muscles really show as he gets pounded. An added bonus to the fucking is that Leon looks like he actually enjoys it! Too many guys in professional porn look bored as they have sex. This is not the case with Leon. From his smiling solo pics all the way to the cum shot Leon looks like he was having a good time doing the scene as I did watching him do it.

Leon Hardie gets fucked in a few different positions by Lucas

Thanks a bunch for the e-mail Ben. Please keep these red haired Aussie men coming at Bentley Race.


Bluey is the slang term for gingers in Australia. I don’t recall posting any Australian men here before so Ryan Geary will be the first. (but hopefully not the last) Ryan is one of the new mates of Ben at Bentley Race and wow is this boy talented. Ryan basically has everything about a guy I like in porn: red hair, cute looks, a big cock, fun personality, and he self sucks too!

redhead jacks off along side the road

Ryan did his first scene at Bentley Race about a month ago. It is obvious that he doesn’t mind showing his dick in public as he whips it out along the side of the road. The straw hat, flannel shirt, boots, and jeans give Ryan a farm boy look and is going to really turn on you guys that love men in denim or working men. Ryan stops his SUV along side the road and tries to hitch a ride from some trucks passing by. When sticking his thumb out doesn’t catch the passer by attention he sticks something out that will; his big dick. Ryan undoes his shirt and pants to give the drivers a preview of what could be theirs if they stop. His mostly hairless body shows his lean torso off well and the white skin under his shirt is so lickable. Redheads need to be careful in the sun as their fair complexions burn easy so Ryan leaves his hat and shirt on. He doesn’t mind exposing his dick though. He pulls it out and gives it a few strokes so it’s nice and hard. Ryan strokes himself from the side of the road at first then opens the back of his truck to get comfortable and rub one out.

red haired man sucks himself off

The Bentley Race members must have liked Ryan’s outside jack off because it wasn’t too much longer that he was back at Ben’s apartment for an encore performance. Ryan semed comfortable being naked outside and totally lets loose when he is safely inside. The big smile on his face and joking attitude from start to explosive finish says it all. Ryan starts by stripping down to a pair of green Aussie Bum underwear. I didn’t notice in his first scene that Ryan has a pierced nipple and very nice biceps. Ryan’s dick is already semi hard as he pulls the briefs down. His orange-red pubes look great contrasted with the green underwear. After a bit of joking and showing off his round butt and cock Ryan grabs a Fleshjack masturbation toy and slides his thick cock in to the hilt. Ryan has a lot of fun playing with the jack off toy and posing to show off his dick. The frosting on the cake comes when Ryan sits the FleshaJack down and bends over to start licking the head of his own dick. Redheads and self suckers are my two favorites so this was awesome for me. The jack off toy and sucking himself must have done the trick because Ryan shoots a huge load of cum that sprays all the way up to his mouth and pretty much covers his chest with sweet Aussie cum.

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