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Spencer Todd has gay 3 way

Brandon Beal and Zane Tate hook up with a popular Broke Straight Boys redhead, Spencer Todd, for some hot dick sucking and mutual masturbation.  The guys are in good spirits as they do the interview portion of the show.  It doesn’t take long before they’re pants are off and all are stroking their dicks to get hard.  Once hard they stand up to take turns sucking each other.   My favorite part of the video is when Spencer is getting sucked.  You can tell he loves it by the look on his face and we get a great view of his saliva soaked dick surrounded by his bright orange pubes.  All three move back to the bed for more dick sucking then finish things stroking themselves to a cum-soaked finish.

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redhead jock gets blow job then fucks a man's ass

Spencer Todd is the latest of the straight redheads to go gay for us at Broke Straight Boys. Spencer has moved quickly from jerking off to getting a blowjob and now going all out by having anal sex with a man. The lucky guy to offer up his ass to Spencer is Seth. Seth has been fucked before so knows what to expect but it is a first for our ginger jock friend.

Seth starts things by going down and sucking on Spencer’s dick. Spencer has a big bushy patch of bright orange hair. We get plenty a good look at his growing cock, big ball sack, and pubes as Seth gulps down his big dick. Spencer is really enjoying the blowjob as you can tell from the throbbing of his dick and redness of his swollen head. His dick goes a little soft as he rolls the condom over his dick in preparation for fucking Seth’s sweet butt. Spencer moves up to insert his dick from behind at first. He slides it in nice and slow for us to enjoy watching every inch disappear up the willing straight boy’s butt. Once Seth is loosened up a little the hardcore pounding begins. Seth rides Spencer’s dick cowboy style then is flipped onto his back for Spencer to fuck him hard face to face.

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The first time I seen the new redhead, Conner at Broke Straight Boys was the end of November. Like most of the first timers at BSB, Conner did an interview video with a jack off and cum shot. Conner is a mid west farm boy that up until recently didn’t have a clue that as a straight guy, could make money doing gay porn. Conner had little trouble getting hard and stroking his dick on camera.Conner is an average looking guy with pale skin, a few tattoos, a smooth body, and short red pubes that are nearly shaved off but still visible. The mild acne on his face may be a turn off to some, I think it makes him more real; like a guy you’d meet on the street. His friendly smile and blue eyes along with his red hair would be enough to do it for me.

redhead farmboy jerks his ginger cock

Conner Gives

Since his jerk off scene in November, Conner has been back to Broke Straight Boys five times. The owners of Broke Straight Boys were nice enough to let me into their members area to grab a few pictures for use here. There were so many to choose from that I picked my favorite two to share here. The first is a scene that was added December 15th and involves Conner fucking another straight boy regular, Colin. What I like best about this video involves two things. First, Conner is letting his awesomely red pubes grow out and I love guys with naturally red pubes. Don’t shave those Conner! Secondly is that Conner is getting more confident and even a little cocky in front of the camera. That confidence shows through in his sex and fun. Conner goes right to it sucking Colin’s dick and then flipping him over to fuck him. During the scene Conner looks relaxed and even has fun a few times joking around. Gotta love a guy that can joke around while fucking a stranger.

redhead gets blown by a guy then fucks him in the butt

Conner Takes

Since his jerk off video Conner has been busy sucking guys cocks and fucking a few men in the butt. He hasn’t been the bottom until now. The second scene that caught my attention was with Jimmy. Jimmy is one of the men at Broke Straight Boys that has a way easing newbies into getting fucked. He continues to work his magic on Conner in this scene. Jimmy and Conner get naked and take turns sucking each others dick for a while. Once Jimmy feels that Conner is relaxed enough, he gets the ginger boy on all fours and moves behind to enter him doggy style. It takes some time but Conner eventually loosens up enough for Jimmy to really give it to him good. He flips Conner onto his side and back to continue pounding his sweet straight boy ass. Even though watching Conner getting fucked was fun, my favorite part of this scene was definitely when Conner cums. Seeing him all pumped and sweaty while he jerks a thick load onto his stomach was hot! After he cums his wet semi hard cock lays back against his stomach pointing to a pool of white cum. His spent cock and cum puddle are awesome as Jimmy strokes his own load to add to the mix.

red haired guy takes a cock up his ass for the first time

Conner cums at Broke Straight Boys

You can see a preview video of Conner getting a blowjob as well as other Broke Straight Boy redheads here.


April 30: Josh is a tall & thin red haired straight boy with a sexy southern accent and exhibitionist tendencies. The producers of Broke Straight Boys discovered him washing windows and offered him $50 to show them his cock. Josh has dark hair but a fiery red beard so I was anxious to see his pubes when he drops his shorts. JACKPOT! Josh is a real redhead with the pubes to prove it. He’s gone this far, showing his dick on the balcony so going inside for more money is just another step towards lining his pocket with cash. Josh goes inside and gets naked as he runs the hot water for a quick shower. We get to watch Josh shower and dry off before he steps into the bedroom for his first on camera jack off scene. In a weird twist, Josh gets so into the jerking that he inserts a few fingers up his ass while rubbing his hard cock to an explosive ending that leaves his hairless chest and ripped abs covered in cum. Gotta love those straight guys that know what they like and aren’t afraid to do it on camera.

May 26: Josh did so well with his jack off video that he was invited back with another guy that did a jerk off scene recently, Jeremy and a new Broke Straight Boy regular, Darren. In the picture below, Darren in the sun burned guy in the middle and obviously Josh is on the right. Justin and Josh both agreed to do a side-by-side jack off with another guy for $150. All three guys get naked and take positions on the BSB futon to start jacking. They all get good and hard watching a porn video on an off screen TV and damn does Josh look even better than he did in his solo video. Josh holds his cock at the base to show us how long it really is. Into the scene the guys are all offered extra if they will let Darren suck their dick. After some negotiating Jeremy and Josh agree and Darren starts sucking both guys dick. Darren moves back and forth between Jeremy and Josh who both seem to be enjoying their blow jobs when all a sudden Jeremy says the gay sex is too much and storms off scene with his clothes in hand. Good thing for us as this leaves more camera time for the sexy ginger Josh without interruptions. There are some very nice close up shots of Josh face fucking Darren who swallows every inch of hard dick right down to his burning bush. (I’m so glad that Josh doesn’t shave his pubes) Darren and Josh sit back on the futon to finish their jack off session. As Josh gets close to cumming he stands up and aims his dick right at Darren’s face and chest. Josh gushes cum for sure but it isn’t enough to hit Darren in the face it sure does cover his hairless chest nicely. Darren follows by adding his own jizz to the mix and both guys look satisfied. I bet Jeremy is sorry he left now. I know that I would have been happy to take his place, or Darren’s for that matter.

red haired straight boy gets blowjob with friend

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Other BSB redheads


Based on the number of clicks received, it is obvious that us ginger lovers have similar tastes in the red haired guys we love to see naked. Below are two of my favorite models from previous posts that have done additional porn videos. Of course I’ll tell you where those new videos can be found and if you are new to Naked Redhead Men, where their old videos are as well.

Model 1: Jonah

Big dicked red haired boy Jonah jerks off with uncut bearded dude Chris

You have probably visited Chaos Men a number of times to look at red haired Jonah’s huge cock in solo, duo, and 3 way hardcore action. Jonah has expanded his horizons and made the trek from Texas to New York for a duo video with Chris that has Jonah kissing and sucking an uncut cock. Chris and Jonah hook up at Jonah’s place and suck each other’s cock. Chris is really the lucky one taking the ginger lads huge dick in his mouth and playing with that cock until both boys cum. Click now to watch the preview video of Jonah and Chris at Dirty Boy Video. While you are there, be sure to watch the video of the Fire Island DBV party for another naked redhead as well.

Model 2: Dustin

Ripped red haired jock jerks off with dard haired buddy

Dustin (AKA Evan) has also traveled a bit from his home town of Nashville where he previously did a few videos for Southern Strokes to Florida where he jerks off with another straight guy at Broke Straight Boys. Dustin strips to his underwear and is ready to jerk off alone when the producer introduces him to Logan. Dustin has been working out and looks great with his defined shoulders and ripped abs. It’s Dustin’s cum shot that is the real star here. Logan shoots his load first as the guys jerk off together then Dustin busts his nut and sends a stream of jizz up his freckled chest that splashes onto his nipple. I’m sure there are any number of guys that would be willing to lick that up for him. Watch Dustin’s mutual masturbation video today at broke Straight Boys.

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A cute face with a big friendly smile, thin lean hairless body, nice cock, and dark red hair… That is Scott! This broke straight boy is FUN to watch. Unlike a lot of the first time straight guys, Scott seems very comfortable in front of the camera. He does an introductory jerk off video then 1 week later is back for more money and sucks dick with one of my favorite BSB models, Tyler.

Scott found Broke Straight Boys while searching the web for porn. He says that he is curious to be with a guy but has never done anything yet. Scott’s hair isn’t naturally red. He was trying to darken his blond hair and it just came out that way. After seeing his dark trimmed pubes my guess is that Scott is natural strawberry blond. Scott takes off his shirt and strips down to his underwear before he begins stroking his 7 inch cock. Scott has a tight, lean body with a very nice smooth ass. He says that he did gymnastics in high school. Male gymnastics has always been one of my favorite sports to watch just for guys like Scott. You can see the outline of his soft dick through his white briefs. Scott sits down and starts stroking his dick until it’s nice and hard then stands up and slides his underwear off. His dick pops out of the underwear and stands straight out. Scott lays back on the futon and continues to stroke his long dick until shooting his load onto his hairless tanned stomach.

About a week after Scott’s solo performance he returns to the Broke Straight Boys studio for more cash. In his solo jack off video Scott told us that he has been “curious” to be with a guy but hasn’t done anything yet. Today he gets a chance to play with another guys cock and get blown by one of my favorite broke straight boys Tyler. Scott and Tyler are about a perfect match for my viewing pleasure. Both boys are cute lean and smooth with nice big dicks that stand out and stay hard. Scott is nervous as he starts his first guy on guy experience. Tyler and the producer help to settle him down a bit and explain that he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to. However, the more he does, the more money he gets paid. The guys strip naked and start playing with their cocks next to each other. As Tyler gets about 3/4th hard Scott keeps looking over at the cute boys dick. The producer gives him permission to start sucking which he does. He bends over and slides his virgin mouth down Tyler’s shaft. Tyler enjoys Scott’s warm wet mouth and returns the favor. From the look on Scott’s face, I’d say that he enjoyed getting blown more than doing the sucking. After Tyler sucks Scott’s cock for a bit he sits up and reaches over to jerk him off. The guys stroke each other’s hard dick for a bit then continue jerking off on their own until each shoots their wad. While this episode isn’t as hardcore as most of the duos, it is fun to watch as redhead Scott and Tyler have a chemistry between them and both are totally cute. I’m hoping to see more of these guys together in future updates.

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