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Blu Kennedy going out of businessAs I was searching the web for the latest porn to make me happy I found a story that both made me disappointed and kind of happy at the same time. Frontiers 4 Men recently interviewed one of my all time favorite gay porn stars; Blu Kennedy (aka Blu Thompson). In this interview Blu announces that he is leaving the porn world so that he can finish school and go out for a real job. I can only imagine how hard it must be to find respectful employment when management discovers that you’re a big porn star let alone a gay porn star. Blu discusses issues like that in his interview and more.

From the days when Blu was a naive 18 year old doing scenes with amateur American twink producer CitiBoyz to his recent steamy scenes with Hot House, Blu has been one of my favorites. It was while watching an early scene with Blu and another big dicked redhead twink that I discovered my affinity for the ging. I was jerking off with a friend and made the comment that this particular scene was my favorite because seeing two hot redheads was totally awesome. My friend said flatly “you always did have a thing for redheads”. Of course I denied it having never though about it before. When he told me that two of my last three boyfriends and every girl I ever dated was redhead I realized the power that gingers have at stimulating my libido. We finished jerking off together while watching the next scene on the tape. I watched that scene so many times that when the DVD came out it was the first porn DVD I ever bought. It’s so much better to jump right to the best parts with DVD.

Over the years I have joined every site and purchased every DVD with scenes from Blu. He is actually the reason I started this blog. Other webmasters said that no one would visit an all redhead site but I didn’t care. Redheads are my favorite and knew there must be other men (and maybe even some women) like me that get wet from the red. Now, between this blog and the facebook page, I know there are at least a few hundred regular weekly visitors that enjoy red haired men like Blu as much as me.

I’m going to miss new Blu Kennedy scenes. At the same time, he had a great run and has brought me many hours of pleasure. I hope that things go well in his life and absolutely wish him the best of luck with what ever he does.


David Ocean & Jarrin North - 2 naked red haired men have sex with each other

I recently received an e-mail from Ethan Masters of Citiboyz – All American Boy Next Door that included a password to the site. I’ve always been a fan of Citiboyz and own a number of their DVDs but had never been in the site. Damn, was I missing out and boy do I owe Ethan! There are a number of redhead men and twinks inside doing jack off as well as hardcore videos like this one from CB51: Hard Action Twinks. This is a redhead lovers double delight. The scene stars David Ocean and Jarrin North. If you look to the top of the screen you will see that David Ocean is one of the guys I choose to represent this blog. Just thought I’d throw that in as David is one of my favorite redhead gay porn stars.

The action between these two ginger lads getting it on is hot! The action starts outside as they return home from skateboarding. They are already making out and rubbing each others crotch before they get inside. Once in the clothes come off quickly and the cock sucking begins. Jarrin goes down between David’s legs to take every inch of his hard cock down his throat. David looks as sexy as ever with his big hard dick extending from a bed of trimmed orange pubes. You can tell right away that its David that drives as he grabs Jerrin’s red mane to move his head up and down his his cock. David gives just as good as he gets too. He lowers Jarrin’s pants and gets down on his knees to suck Jarrin’s own hard dick. David continues to orally service Jarrin while he lays back on a black leather sofa. David moves his tongue up and down the twink’s hard dick and down to his reddish fur trimmed hole. After a complete rimming and fingering Jarrin’s ass and David’s cock are both ready for some hardcore action. David puts on a condom and goes to work fucking Jarrin. David slams his dick into his partners ass from a number of positions until finally Jarrin is on his back with legs in the air. Jarrin can hardly stand the feeling of David’s hard dick in his tight ass and shoots his load as David fucks him. David pulls his cock out and adds his own man juice to the puddle of cum on Jarrin’s tanned torso.

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