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Lance Storm takes off his hat to let his long red hair down then drops his pants to let his big cock out at Male Redheads.  Even with his hat on you can see that that Lance has a beautiful head of orange-red hair and a fair freckled complexion.  Lance has a lean, pale body with no hair and pierced nipples that he likes to play with as he begins stroking his big fat veiny cock. I like that he keeps his pubes natural. They definitely are not shaved allowing a good view of the bright orange color against his fair skin.  The pictures gallery don’t include a cum shot but lots of views of this red haired hotties ass, smooth body, and close ups of that big dick with red pubes make up for it.

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Alex Preston is one cute guy with his burnt orange hair, blue eyes, and innocent smile.  Alex is one of the featured red haired guys getting off at Male Redheads.  His bright hair really stands out against the dark shirt and underwear.  The view of his body only gets better as he lifts his shirt and the dark red hair on his stomach leads us down a very happy trail.  As his black briefs come off the view only gets better as his bright pubes prove beyond a doubt that the carpet matches the drapes.  As if his smooth body and gorgeous hair aren’t enough; nestled in those pubes is an uncut cock that looks really big on Alex’s small frame.  It hangs all the way to the bed as he lies on his side.  Alex continues to stroke his hard dick and play with his balls until he blows his load of white cum that runs down his cock to his balls and red pubes.




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