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two red haired men have gay sex in a gym weight room

A while ago I found the very hot red haired jock Charlie Roberts jerking off at PerfectGuyz. Since then Charlie has done a few scenes but this scene with Connor McGuire is double hot because Connor is a ginger too! When I first looked at the preview picture I thought he was a good looking blond but once his jock strap comes down it is clear that he is a natural red.

They start making out in the weight room where Charlie develops a nice pump, showing off his muscular body and ripped abs. Connor is feeling Charlie’s big biceps and moves his attention to Charlies smooth freckled chest and pink nipples. Connor works his tongue down Charlie’s ripped body, pulls his hard cock out the side of his jock strap, and starts sucking. Connor tries but doesn’t do a very good job sucking Charlie’s thick meat. I’m about 100% sure that I could do it better but Charlie seems to like it so it’s all good. Charlie shows his oral skills by going down on Connor. Charlie takes every inch of Connor’s hard cock in his mouth then turns him around to lick his tight ass. Is it the rimming that is so hot or the thought of knowing what usually comes next in a gay porn video once someone gets their ass licked? I go for the after because Charlie puts a condom on and goes to work plowing Connor’s butt with his throbbing dick. Charlie fucks Connor standing at first then finishes his horny sex partner off laying on the weight bench. This is my favorite part of the video as we get a clear view of both guyz totally hot bodies, big dicks, and red pubes. Charlie is hot to be sure but paired with another redhead like Connor is pure gay porn heaven.

watch Charlie & Connor’s free preview video here

freckled redhead hunk jacks off in the shower

Redheads and shower sex are two of my personal favorites. Charlie Roberts and the owners of PerfectGuyz have made my wet dreams come true (no pun intended). Charlie is dry and dressed in white as he heads to the shower, towel in hand. His spiked red hair catches my eye first but moving down to check out his face and body is impressive. Charlie has a very nice smile and a hunky smooth body with freckles on his broad shoulders and muscular back. Yes, Charlie is an almost opposite of super skinny twink Alan Parish that we saw in action last. Charlie is a hunky man standing six feet tall and weighing 200 pounds (180 cm tall and 91 Kg) with a 42 inch chest.

Charlie turns on the water and steps in with his shorts still on. The white shorts show off his underlying cock quick as they become soaked with the warm water. Charlie rubs his smooth wet body and poses a bit before slowly lowering his shorts. His bed of bright red pubes look great against the white shorts as they come down uncovering his semi hard cock. Charlie’s profile says that his dick is 7 inches (17.5 cm cock) and I believe it but it looks smaller compared to his bulked body. My mouth continued to water as Charlie gets to work stroking his thick meat. The only thing that could possible make this scene any better would be me there helping. If you’re reading this Charlie, contact me! I’m 100% sure that me or any number of the followers here would be happy to be on staff as your fluffer for future scenes.

Charlie Robert gets off at PerfectGuyz