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I’ve always like Straight Fraternity for their straight amateur men and the fun games that they get them to play like gay chicken. I like the site even more with the addition of this week’s red haired model Britton. After his jack off audition a few weeks ago, he was supposed to do a game of gay chicken with another straight guy who actually loses the game by default because he chickened out and never showed up. That actually works out nice for Britton (and us) because he gets the full attention of the pledge master without having to do anything except enjoy the ride.You can tell that Britton is happy that he will not have to do anything by the big smile on his face as he does the interview. His smile gets even bigger as does his dick when the action starts. Britton gets it all too! Once he is naked the pledge master goes to work sucking his dick until it is good and hard. There are some nice close up shots of Britton’s dick and red pubes that I loved and you will too if you like the burning bush as much as I do. They move from the floor to the bed where Britton lays down to get his balls licked and receive his first rim job. With his blowjob and rimjob out of the way, all that is left for him to be totally inducted is to fuck another guy. He slides his dick into the pledge masters ass and fucks him. The fucking isn’t all that exciting but Britton looks great doing it. Britton is ready to get off and gets back on the bed allowing for the pledge master to jerk him off while continuing to lick Britton’s balls and ass.

Straight red haired college dude has gay sex experience

straight college guys getting off

Kelly is the latest pledge to be used and abused for the Straight Fraternity pledge master. Kelly keeps his hair cut very short but looking at his 2 day facial stubble and pubic hair there is no doubt that this eager college boy is genuine ginger. Kelly strips out of his tee shirt and shorts down to his underwear. He has a nice smooth chest with pale skin. He takes his dick out through the fly in his boxers and starts to play with it until it is good and hard then lowers his shorts to give us a good look at his hard curved cock and trimmed red pubes. Kelly strokes his own cock for a while and is then joined by the horny pledge master that can’t keep his hands (or mouth) off these straight college boys. He applies a ton of lube to Kelly’s hard cock and strokes away at the shaft while playing with his pink ball sack. With so much lube and expert handling it isn’t long before Kelly is shooting his load. I love the big smile and thumbs up Kelly flashes as his hard wet cum and lube covered cock still throbs.