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Red haired and rosy cheeked Danny pushes his underwear off and gives his scrotum a tug as he starts his homemade video at You Love Jack. His dick responds by swelling and getting even harder. His cock has got to be at least 9 inches. He glides his hand up the long shaft and rolls his foreskin up and over the sensitive head. Danny lets out a relaxing sigh as he inserts his finger into his tight hole. He continues to finger fuck his hole as he pumps his hips in synch with his stroking until he shoots a flow of white cum into a waiting glass. Bottoms up !

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As the legend says… the only thing better than a twink, is a twink with red hair.  And the only thing better than a redheaded twink is a redhead twink with a big, fat, uncut cock.  Josh Hancock is the super hung strawberry blond twink at You Love Jack that proves the legend is right.  The guys at You Love Jack make their own “homemade gay porn”.  Josh spends a bit of time getting the camera just right then jumps right in taking off his blue jeans and underwear revealing a semi hard cock that is about 1/3 the size of this skinny guys thigh.  Really, why is that the skinny guys have such huge cocks?  His big uncut dick has plenty of foreskin to play with as his cock swells.  The head gets really big and rounded as it slides out from its covering.  Next it’s off with the tee shirt showing a bit of reddish fuzz that travels across his upper chest.  I’m sure that in a few years some lucky guy is going to run his fingers through a plush lawn of red chest hair on this sexy dude.  Josh strokes his mammoth cock, spends some time fingering his hairy ass, and gives us some nice views of it all before spraying his load of cum up onto his hairy chest and stomach.

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